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# Telephony device configuration
menu "Telephony Support"
config PHONE
tristate "Linux telephony support"
Say Y here if you have a telephony card, which for example allows
you to use a regular phone for voice-over-IP applications.
Note: this has nothing to do with modems. You do not need to say Y
here in order to be able to use a modem under Linux.
To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
module will be called phonedev.
config PHONE_IXJ
tristate "QuickNet Internet LineJack/PhoneJack support"
depends on PHONE
Say M if you have a telephony card manufactured by Quicknet
Technologies, Inc. These include the Internet PhoneJACK and
Internet LineJACK Telephony Cards. You will get a module called
For the ISA versions of these products, you can configure the
cards using the isapnp tools (pnpdump/isapnp) or you can use the
isapnp support. Please read <file:Documentation/telephony/ixj.txt>.
For more information on these cards, see Quicknet's web site at:
If you do not have any Quicknet telephony cards, you can safely
say N here.
tristate "QuickNet Internet LineJack/PhoneJack PCMCIA support"
depends on PHONE_IXJ && PCMCIA
Say Y here to configure in PCMCIA service support for the Quicknet
cards manufactured by Quicknet Technologies, Inc. This changes the
card initialization code to work with the card manager daemon.