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The Direct Rendering Manager (drm) is a device-independent kernel-level
device driver that provides support for the XFree86 Direct Rendering
Infrastructure (DRI).
The DRM supports the Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) in four major
1. The DRM provides synchronized access to the graphics hardware via
the use of an optimized two-tiered lock.
2. The DRM enforces the DRI security policy for access to the graphics
hardware by only allowing authenticated X11 clients access to
restricted regions of memory.
3. The DRM provides a generic DMA engine, complete with multiple
queues and the ability to detect the need for an OpenGL context
4. The DRM is extensible via the use of small device-specific modules
that rely extensively on the API exported by the DRM module.
Documentation on the DRI is available from:
For specific information about kernel-level support, see:
The Direct Rendering Manager, Kernel Support for the Direct Rendering
Hardware Locking for the Direct Rendering Infrastructure
A Security Analysis of the Direct Rendering Infrastructure