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* drivers/input/tablet/wacom.h
* USB Wacom Graphire and Wacom Intuos tablet support
* Copyright (c) 2000-2004 Vojtech Pavlik <>
* Copyright (c) 2000 Andreas Bach Aaen <>
* Copyright (c) 2000 Clifford Wolf <>
* Copyright (c) 2000 Sam Mosel <>
* Copyright (c) 2000 James E. Blair <>
* Copyright (c) 2000 Daniel Egger <>
* Copyright (c) 2001 Frederic Lepied <>
* Copyright (c) 2004 Panagiotis Issaris <>
* Copyright (c) 2002-2008 Ping Cheng <>
* ChangeLog:
* v0.1 (vp) - Initial release
* v0.2 (aba) - Support for all buttons / combinations
* v0.3 (vp) - Support for Intuos added
* v0.4 (sm) - Support for more Intuos models, menustrip
* relative mode, proximity.
* v0.5 (vp) - Big cleanup, nifty features removed,
* they belong in userspace
* v1.8 (vp) - Submit URB only when operating, moved to CVS,
* use input_report_key instead of report_btn and
* other cleanups
* v1.11 (vp) - Add URB ->dev setting for new kernels
* v1.11 (jb) - Add support for the 4D Mouse & Lens
* v1.12 (de) - Add support for two more inking pen IDs
* v1.14 (vp) - Use new USB device id probing scheme.
* Fix Wacom Graphire mouse wheel
* v1.18 (vp) - Fix mouse wheel direction
* Make mouse relative
* v1.20 (fl) - Report tool id for Intuos devices
* - Multi tools support
* - Corrected Intuos protocol decoding (airbrush, 4D mouse, lens cursor...)
* - Add PL models support
* - Fix Wacom Graphire mouse wheel again
* v1.21 (vp) - Removed protocol descriptions
* - Added MISC_SERIAL for tool serial numbers
* (gb) - Identify version on module load.
* v1.21.1 (fl) - added Graphire2 support
* v1.21.2 (fl) - added Intuos2 support
* - added all the PL ids
* v1.21.3 (fl) - added another eraser id from Neil Okamoto
* - added smooth filter for Graphire from Peri Hankey
* - added PenPartner support from Olaf van Es
* - new tool ids from Ole Martin Bjoerndalen
* v1.29 (pc) - Add support for more tablets
* - Fix pressure reporting
* v1.30 (vp) - Merge 2.4 and 2.5 drivers
* - Since 2.5 now has input_sync(), remove MSC_SERIAL abuse
* - Cleanups here and there
* v1.30.1 (pi) - Added Graphire3 support
* v1.40 (pc) - Add support for several new devices, fix eraser reporting, ...
* v1.43 (pc) - Added support for Cintiq 21UX
* - Fixed a Graphire bug
* - Merged wacom_intuos3_irq into wacom_intuos_irq
* v1.44 (pc) - Added support for Graphire4, Cintiq 710, Intuos3 6x11, etc.
* - Report Device IDs
* v1.45 (pc) - Added support for DTF 521, Intuos3 12x12 and 12x19
* - Minor data report fix
* v1.46 (pc) - Split wacom.c into wacom_sys.c and wacom_wac.c,
* - where wacom_sys.c deals with system specific code,
* - and wacom_wac.c deals with Wacom specific code
* - Support Intuos3 4x6
* v1.47 (pc) - Added support for Bamboo
* v1.48 (pc) - Added support for Bamboo1, BambooFun, and Cintiq 12WX
* v1.49 (pc) - Added support for USB Tablet PC (0x90, 0x93, and 0x9A)
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
#ifndef WACOM_H
#define WACOM_H
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/usb/input.h>
#include <asm/unaligned.h>
* Version Information
#define DRIVER_VERSION "v1.49"
#define DRIVER_AUTHOR "Vojtech Pavlik <>"
#define DRIVER_DESC "USB Wacom Graphire and Wacom Intuos tablet driver"
#define USB_VENDOR_ID_WACOM 0x056a
struct wacom {
dma_addr_t data_dma;
struct input_dev *dev;
struct usb_device *usbdev;
struct usb_interface *intf;
struct urb *irq;
struct wacom_wac *wacom_wac;
struct mutex lock;
unsigned int open:1;
char phys[32];
struct wacom_combo {
struct wacom *wacom;
struct urb *urb;
extern int wacom_wac_irq(struct wacom_wac * wacom_wac, void * wcombo);
extern void wacom_report_abs(void *wcombo, unsigned int abs_type, int abs_data);
extern void wacom_report_rel(void *wcombo, unsigned int rel_type, int rel_data);
extern void wacom_report_key(void *wcombo, unsigned int key_type, int key_data);
extern void wacom_input_event(void *wcombo, unsigned int type, unsigned int code, int value);
extern void wacom_input_sync(void *wcombo);
extern void wacom_init_input_dev(struct input_dev *input_dev, struct wacom_wac *wacom_wac);
extern void input_dev_g4(struct input_dev *input_dev, struct wacom_wac *wacom_wac);
extern void input_dev_g(struct input_dev *input_dev, struct wacom_wac *wacom_wac);
extern void input_dev_i3s(struct input_dev *input_dev, struct wacom_wac *wacom_wac);
extern void input_dev_i3(struct input_dev *input_dev, struct wacom_wac *wacom_wac);
extern void input_dev_i(struct input_dev *input_dev, struct wacom_wac *wacom_wac);
extern void input_dev_pl(struct input_dev *input_dev, struct wacom_wac *wacom_wac);
extern void input_dev_pt(struct input_dev *input_dev, struct wacom_wac *wacom_wac);
extern void input_dev_mo(struct input_dev *input_dev, struct wacom_wac *wacom_wac);
extern void input_dev_bee(struct input_dev *input_dev, struct wacom_wac *wacom_wac);
extern __u16 wacom_le16_to_cpu(unsigned char *data);
extern __u16 wacom_be16_to_cpu(unsigned char *data);
extern struct wacom_features *get_wacom_feature(const struct usb_device_id *id);
extern const struct usb_device_id *get_device_table(void);