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/* $Id: isdnl3.h,v 2001/09/23 22:24:49 kai Exp $
* This software may be used and distributed according to the terms
* of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference.
#define SBIT(state) (1<<state)
#define ALL_STATES 0x03ffffff
#define PROTO_DIS_EURO 0x08
#define L3_DEB_WARN 0x01
#define L3_DEB_PROTERR 0x02
#define L3_DEB_STATE 0x04
#define L3_DEB_CHARGE 0x08
#define L3_DEB_CHECK 0x10
#define L3_DEB_SI 0x20
struct stateentry {
int state;
int primitive;
void (*rout) (struct l3_process *, u8, void *);
#define l3_debug(st, fmt, args...) HiSax_putstatus(st->l1.hardware, "l3 ", fmt, ## args)
struct PStack;
void newl3state(struct l3_process *pc, int state);
void L3InitTimer(struct l3_process *pc, struct L3Timer *t);
void L3DelTimer(struct L3Timer *t);
int L3AddTimer(struct L3Timer *t, int millisec, int event);
void StopAllL3Timer(struct l3_process *pc);
struct sk_buff *l3_alloc_skb(int len);
struct l3_process *new_l3_process(struct PStack *st, int cr);
void release_l3_process(struct l3_process *p);
struct l3_process *getl3proc(struct PStack *st, int cr);
void l3_msg(struct PStack *st, int pr, void *arg);
void setstack_dss1(struct PStack *st);
void setstack_ni1(struct PStack *st);
void setstack_1tr6(struct PStack *st);