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* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
* License. See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
* for more details.
* FPU context handling code for KVM.
* Copyright (C) 2015 Imagination Technologies Ltd.
#include <asm/asm.h>
#include <asm/asm-offsets.h>
#include <asm/fpregdef.h>
#include <asm/mipsregs.h>
#include <asm/regdef.h>
/* preprocessor replaces the fp in ".set fp=64" with $30 otherwise */
#undef fp
.set noreorder
.set noat
.set push
.set fp=64
mfc0 t0, CP0_STATUS
sll t0, t0, 5 # is Status.FR set?
bgez t0, 1f # no: skip odd doubles
sdc1 $f1, VCPU_FPR1(a0)
sdc1 $f3, VCPU_FPR3(a0)
sdc1 $f5, VCPU_FPR5(a0)
sdc1 $f7, VCPU_FPR7(a0)
sdc1 $f9, VCPU_FPR9(a0)
sdc1 $f11, VCPU_FPR11(a0)
sdc1 $f13, VCPU_FPR13(a0)
sdc1 $f15, VCPU_FPR15(a0)
sdc1 $f17, VCPU_FPR17(a0)
sdc1 $f19, VCPU_FPR19(a0)
sdc1 $f21, VCPU_FPR21(a0)
sdc1 $f23, VCPU_FPR23(a0)
sdc1 $f25, VCPU_FPR25(a0)
sdc1 $f27, VCPU_FPR27(a0)
sdc1 $f29, VCPU_FPR29(a0)
sdc1 $f31, VCPU_FPR31(a0)
1: sdc1 $f0, VCPU_FPR0(a0)
sdc1 $f2, VCPU_FPR2(a0)
sdc1 $f4, VCPU_FPR4(a0)
sdc1 $f6, VCPU_FPR6(a0)
sdc1 $f8, VCPU_FPR8(a0)
sdc1 $f10, VCPU_FPR10(a0)
sdc1 $f12, VCPU_FPR12(a0)
sdc1 $f14, VCPU_FPR14(a0)
sdc1 $f16, VCPU_FPR16(a0)
sdc1 $f18, VCPU_FPR18(a0)
sdc1 $f20, VCPU_FPR20(a0)
sdc1 $f22, VCPU_FPR22(a0)
sdc1 $f24, VCPU_FPR24(a0)
sdc1 $f26, VCPU_FPR26(a0)
sdc1 $f28, VCPU_FPR28(a0)
jr ra
sdc1 $f30, VCPU_FPR30(a0)
.set pop
.set push
.set fp=64
mfc0 t0, CP0_STATUS
sll t0, t0, 5 # is Status.FR set?
bgez t0, 1f # no: skip odd doubles
ldc1 $f1, VCPU_FPR1(a0)
ldc1 $f3, VCPU_FPR3(a0)
ldc1 $f5, VCPU_FPR5(a0)
ldc1 $f7, VCPU_FPR7(a0)
ldc1 $f9, VCPU_FPR9(a0)
ldc1 $f11, VCPU_FPR11(a0)
ldc1 $f13, VCPU_FPR13(a0)
ldc1 $f15, VCPU_FPR15(a0)
ldc1 $f17, VCPU_FPR17(a0)
ldc1 $f19, VCPU_FPR19(a0)
ldc1 $f21, VCPU_FPR21(a0)
ldc1 $f23, VCPU_FPR23(a0)
ldc1 $f25, VCPU_FPR25(a0)
ldc1 $f27, VCPU_FPR27(a0)
ldc1 $f29, VCPU_FPR29(a0)
ldc1 $f31, VCPU_FPR31(a0)
1: ldc1 $f0, VCPU_FPR0(a0)
ldc1 $f2, VCPU_FPR2(a0)
ldc1 $f4, VCPU_FPR4(a0)
ldc1 $f6, VCPU_FPR6(a0)
ldc1 $f8, VCPU_FPR8(a0)
ldc1 $f10, VCPU_FPR10(a0)
ldc1 $f12, VCPU_FPR12(a0)
ldc1 $f14, VCPU_FPR14(a0)
ldc1 $f16, VCPU_FPR16(a0)
ldc1 $f18, VCPU_FPR18(a0)
ldc1 $f20, VCPU_FPR20(a0)
ldc1 $f22, VCPU_FPR22(a0)
ldc1 $f24, VCPU_FPR24(a0)
ldc1 $f26, VCPU_FPR26(a0)
ldc1 $f28, VCPU_FPR28(a0)
jr ra
ldc1 $f30, VCPU_FPR30(a0)
.set pop
.set push
lw t0, VCPU_FCR31(a0)
* The ctc1 must stay at this offset in __kvm_restore_fcsr.
* See kvm_mips_csr_die_notify() which handles t0 containing a value
* which triggers an FP Exception, which must be stepped over and
* ignored since the set cause bits must remain there for the guest.
ctc1 t0, fcr31
jr ra
.set pop