Merge tag 'md/3.13' of git://

Pull md update from Neil Brown:
 "Mostly optimisations and obscure bug fixes.
   - raid5 gets less lock contention
   - raid1 gets less contention between normal-io and resync-io during

* tag 'md/3.13' of git://
  md/raid5: Use conf->device_lock protect changing of multi-thread resources.
  md/raid5: Before freeing old multi-thread worker, it should flush them.
  md/raid5: For stripe with R5_ReadNoMerge, we replace REQ_FLUSH with REQ_NOMERGE.
  UAPI: include <asm/byteorder.h> in linux/raid/md_p.h
  raid1: Rewrite the implementation of iobarrier.
  raid1: Add some macros to make code clearly.
  raid1: Replace raise_barrier/lower_barrier with freeze_array/unfreeze_array when reconfiguring the array.
  raid1: Add a field array_frozen to indicate whether raid in freeze state.
  md: Convert use of typedef ctl_table to struct ctl_table
  md/raid5: avoid deadlock when raid5 array has unack badblocks during md_stop_writes.
  md: use MD_RECOVERY_INTR instead of kthread_should_stop in resync thread.
  md: fix some places where mddev_lock return value is not checked.
  raid5: Retry R5_ReadNoMerge flag when hit a read error.
  raid5: relieve lock contention in get_active_stripe()
  raid5: relieve lock contention in get_active_stripe()
  wait: add wait_event_cmd()
  md/raid5.c: add proper locking to error path of raid5_start_reshape.
  md: fix calculation of stacking limits on level change.
  raid5: Use slow_path to release stripe when mddev->thread is null