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Pull slave-dmaengine changes from Vinod Koul:
 "This brings for slave dmaengine:

   - Change dma notification flag to DMA_COMPLETE from DMA_SUCCESS as
     dmaengine can only transfer and not verify validaty of dma

   - Bunch of fixes across drivers:

      - cppi41 driver fixes from Daniel

      - 8 channel freescale dma engine support and updated bindings from

      - msx-dma fixes and cleanup by Markus

   - DMAengine updates from Dan:

      - Bartlomiej and Dan finalized a rework of the dma address unmap

      - In the course of testing 1/ a collection of enhancements to
        dmatest fell out.  Notably basic performance statistics, and
        fixed / enhanced test control through new module parameters
        'run', 'wait', 'noverify', and 'verbose'.  Thanks to Andriy and
        Linus [Walleij] for their review.

      - Testing the raid related corner cases of 1/ triggered bugs in
        the recently added 16-source operation support in the ioatdma

      - Some minor fixes / cleanups to mv_xor and ioatdma"

* 'next' of git:// (99 commits)
  dma: mv_xor: Fix mis-usage of mmio 'base' and 'high_base' registers
  dma: mv_xor: Remove unneeded NULL address check
  ioat: fix ioat3_irq_reinit
  ioat: kill msix_single_vector support
  raid6test: add new corner case for ioatdma driver
  ioatdma: clean up sed pool kmem_cache
  ioatdma: fix selection of 16 vs 8 source path
  ioatdma: fix sed pool selection
  ioatdma: Fix bug in selftest after removal of DMA_MEMSET.
  dmatest: verbose mode
  dmatest: convert to dmaengine_unmap_data
  dmatest: add a 'wait' parameter
  dmatest: add basic performance metrics
  dmatest: add support for skipping verification and random data setup
  dmatest: use pseudo random numbers
  dmatest: support xor-only, or pq-only channels in tests
  dmatest: restore ability to start test at module load and init
  dmatest: cleanup redundant "dmatest: " prefixes
  dmatest: replace stored results mechanism, with uniform messages
  Revert "dmatest: append verify result to results"