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// SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0 OR BSD-3-Clause)
// Copyright(c) 2015-17 Intel Corporation.
#ifndef __SOUNDWIRE_H
#define __SOUNDWIRE_H
struct sdw_bus;
struct sdw_slave;
/* SDW spec defines and enums, as defined by MIPI 1.1. Spec */
/* SDW Broadcast Device Number */
/* SDW Enumeration Device Number */
#define SDW_ENUM_DEV_NUM 0
/* SDW Group Device Numbers */
#define SDW_GROUP12_DEV_NUM 12
#define SDW_GROUP13_DEV_NUM 13
/* SDW Master Device Number, not supported yet */
/* frame shape defines */
* Note: The maximum row define in SoundWire spec 1.1 is 23. In order to
* fill hole with 0, one more dummy entry is added
#define SDW_FRAME_ROWS 24
#define SDW_FRAME_COLS 8
#define SDW_MAX_DEVICES 11
#define SDW_VALID_PORT_RANGE(n) (n <= 14 && n >= 1)
#define SDW_DAI_ID_RANGE_END 200
* enum sdw_slave_status - Slave status
* @SDW_SLAVE_UNATTACHED: Slave is not attached with the bus.
* @SDW_SLAVE_ATTACHED: Slave is attached with bus.
* @SDW_SLAVE_ALERT: Some alert condition on the Slave
* @SDW_SLAVE_RESERVED: Reserved for future use
enum sdw_slave_status {
* enum sdw_command_response - Command response as defined by SDW spec
* @SDW_CMD_OK: cmd was successful
* @SDW_CMD_IGNORED: cmd was ignored
* @SDW_CMD_FAIL: cmd was NACKed
* @SDW_CMD_TIMEOUT: cmd timedout
* @SDW_CMD_FAIL_OTHER: cmd failed due to other reason than above
* NOTE: The enum is different than actual Spec as response in the Spec is
* combination of ACK/NAK bits
* SDW_CMD_TIMEOUT/FAIL_OTHER is defined for SW use, not in spec
enum sdw_command_response {
* enum sdw_stream_type: data stream type
* @SDW_STREAM_PCM: PCM data stream
* @SDW_STREAM_PDM: PDM data stream
* spec doesn't define this, but is used in implementation
enum sdw_stream_type {
* enum sdw_data_direction: Data direction
* @SDW_DATA_DIR_RX: Data into Port
* @SDW_DATA_DIR_TX: Data out of Port
enum sdw_data_direction {
* SDW properties, defined in MIPI DisCo spec v1.0
enum sdw_clk_stop_reset_behave {
* enum sdw_p15_behave - Slave Port 15 behaviour when the Master attempts a
* read
* @SDW_P15_READ_IGNORED: Read is ignored
* @SDW_P15_CMD_OK: Command is ok
enum sdw_p15_behave {
SDW_P15_CMD_OK = 1,
* enum sdw_dpn_type - Data port types
* @SDW_DPN_FULL: Full Data Port is supported
* @SDW_DPN_SIMPLE: Simplified Data Port as defined in spec.
* DPN_SampleCtrl2, DPN_OffsetCtrl2, DPN_HCtrl and DPN_BlockCtrl3
* are not implemented.
* @SDW_DPN_REDUCED: Reduced Data Port as defined in spec.
* DPN_SampleCtrl2, DPN_HCtrl are not implemented.
enum sdw_dpn_type {
* enum sdw_clk_stop_mode - Clock Stop modes
* @SDW_CLK_STOP_MODE0: Slave can continue operation seamlessly on clock
* restart
* @SDW_CLK_STOP_MODE1: Slave may have entered a deeper power-saving mode,
* not capable of continuing operation seamlessly when the clock restarts
enum sdw_clk_stop_mode {
* struct sdw_dp0_prop - DP0 properties
* @max_word: Maximum number of bits in a Payload Channel Sample, 1 to 64
* (inclusive)
* @min_word: Minimum number of bits in a Payload Channel Sample, 1 to 64
* (inclusive)
* @num_words: number of wordlengths supported
* @words: wordlengths supported
* @flow_controlled: Slave implementation results in an OK_NotReady
* response
* @simple_ch_prep_sm: If channel prepare sequence is required
* @device_interrupts: If implementation-defined interrupts are supported
* The wordlengths are specified by Spec as max, min AND number of
* discrete values, implementation can define based on the wordlengths they
* support
struct sdw_dp0_prop {
u32 max_word;
u32 min_word;
u32 num_words;
u32 *words;
bool flow_controlled;
bool simple_ch_prep_sm;
bool device_interrupts;
* struct sdw_dpn_audio_mode - Audio mode properties for DPn
* @bus_min_freq: Minimum bus frequency, in Hz
* @bus_max_freq: Maximum bus frequency, in Hz
* @bus_num_freq: Number of discrete frequencies supported
* @bus_freq: Discrete bus frequencies, in Hz
* @min_freq: Minimum sampling frequency, in Hz
* @max_freq: Maximum sampling bus frequency, in Hz
* @num_freq: Number of discrete sampling frequency supported
* @freq: Discrete sampling frequencies, in Hz
* @prep_ch_behave: Specifies the dependencies between Channel Prepare
* sequence and bus clock configuration
* If 0, Channel Prepare can happen at any Bus clock rate
* If 1, Channel Prepare sequence shall happen only after Bus clock is
* changed to a frequency supported by this mode or compatible modes
* described by the next field
* @glitchless: Bitmap describing possible glitchless transitions from this
* Audio Mode to other Audio Modes
struct sdw_dpn_audio_mode {
u32 bus_min_freq;
u32 bus_max_freq;
u32 bus_num_freq;
u32 *bus_freq;
u32 max_freq;
u32 min_freq;
u32 num_freq;
u32 *freq;
u32 prep_ch_behave;
u32 glitchless;
* struct sdw_dpn_prop - Data Port DPn properties
* @num: port number
* @max_word: Maximum number of bits in a Payload Channel Sample, 1 to 64
* (inclusive)
* @min_word: Minimum number of bits in a Payload Channel Sample, 1 to 64
* (inclusive)
* @num_words: Number of discrete supported wordlengths
* @words: Discrete supported wordlength
* @type: Data port type. Full, Simplified or Reduced
* @max_grouping: Maximum number of samples that can be grouped together for
* a full data port
* @simple_ch_prep_sm: If the port supports simplified channel prepare state
* machine
* @ch_prep_timeout: Port-specific timeout value, in milliseconds
* @device_interrupts: If set, each bit corresponds to support for
* implementation-defined interrupts
* @max_ch: Maximum channels supported
* @min_ch: Minimum channels supported
* @num_ch: Number of discrete channels supported
* @ch: Discrete channels supported
* @num_ch_combinations: Number of channel combinations supported
* @ch_combinations: Channel combinations supported
* @modes: SDW mode supported
* @max_async_buffer: Number of samples that this port can buffer in
* asynchronous modes
* @block_pack_mode: Type of block port mode supported
* @port_encoding: Payload Channel Sample encoding schemes supported
* @audio_modes: Audio modes supported
struct sdw_dpn_prop {
u32 num;
u32 max_word;
u32 min_word;
u32 num_words;
u32 *words;
enum sdw_dpn_type type;
u32 max_grouping;
bool simple_ch_prep_sm;
u32 ch_prep_timeout;
u32 device_interrupts;
u32 max_ch;
u32 min_ch;
u32 num_ch;
u32 *ch;
u32 num_ch_combinations;
u32 *ch_combinations;
u32 modes;
u32 max_async_buffer;
bool block_pack_mode;
u32 port_encoding;
struct sdw_dpn_audio_mode *audio_modes;
* struct sdw_slave_prop - SoundWire Slave properties
* @mipi_revision: Spec version of the implementation
* @wake_capable: Wake-up events are supported
* @test_mode_capable: If test mode is supported
* @clk_stop_mode1: Clock-Stop Mode 1 is supported
* @simple_clk_stop_capable: Simple clock mode is supported
* @clk_stop_timeout: Worst-case latency of the Clock Stop Prepare State
* Machine transitions, in milliseconds
* @ch_prep_timeout: Worst-case latency of the Channel Prepare State Machine
* transitions, in milliseconds
* @reset_behave: Slave keeps the status of the SlaveStopClockPrepare
* state machine (P=1 SCSP_SM) after exit from clock-stop mode1
* @high_PHY_capable: Slave is HighPHY capable
* @paging_support: Slave implements paging registers SCP_AddrPage1 and
* SCP_AddrPage2
* @bank_delay_support: Slave implements bank delay/bridge support registers
* SCP_BankDelay and SCP_NextFrame
* @p15_behave: Slave behavior when the Master attempts a read to the Port15
* alias
* @lane_control_support: Slave supports lane control
* @master_count: Number of Masters present on this Slave
* @source_ports: Bitmap identifying source ports
* @sink_ports: Bitmap identifying sink ports
* @dp0_prop: Data Port 0 properties
* @src_dpn_prop: Source Data Port N properties
* @sink_dpn_prop: Sink Data Port N properties
struct sdw_slave_prop {
u32 mipi_revision;
bool wake_capable;
bool test_mode_capable;
bool clk_stop_mode1;
bool simple_clk_stop_capable;
u32 clk_stop_timeout;
u32 ch_prep_timeout;
enum sdw_clk_stop_reset_behave reset_behave;
bool high_PHY_capable;
bool paging_support;
bool bank_delay_support;
enum sdw_p15_behave p15_behave;
bool lane_control_support;
u32 master_count;
u32 source_ports;
u32 sink_ports;
struct sdw_dp0_prop *dp0_prop;
struct sdw_dpn_prop *src_dpn_prop;
struct sdw_dpn_prop *sink_dpn_prop;
* struct sdw_master_prop - Master properties
* @revision: MIPI spec version of the implementation
* @master_count: Number of masters
* @clk_stop_mode: Bitmap for Clock Stop modes supported
* @max_freq: Maximum Bus clock frequency, in Hz
* @num_clk_gears: Number of clock gears supported
* @clk_gears: Clock gears supported
* @num_freq: Number of clock frequencies supported, in Hz
* @freq: Clock frequencies supported, in Hz
* @default_frame_rate: Controller default Frame rate, in Hz
* @default_row: Number of rows
* @default_col: Number of columns
* @dynamic_frame: Dynamic frame supported
* @err_threshold: Number of times that software may retry sending a single
* command
* @dpn_prop: Data Port N properties
struct sdw_master_prop {
u32 revision;
u32 master_count;
enum sdw_clk_stop_mode clk_stop_mode;
u32 max_freq;
u32 num_clk_gears;
u32 *clk_gears;
u32 num_freq;
u32 *freq;
u32 default_frame_rate;
u32 default_row;
u32 default_col;
bool dynamic_frame;
u32 err_threshold;
struct sdw_dpn_prop *dpn_prop;
int sdw_master_read_prop(struct sdw_bus *bus);
int sdw_slave_read_prop(struct sdw_slave *slave);
* SDW Slave Structures and APIs
* struct sdw_slave_id - Slave ID
* @mfg_id: MIPI Manufacturer ID
* @part_id: Device Part ID
* @class_id: MIPI Class ID, unused now.
* Currently a placeholder in MIPI SoundWire Spec
* @unique_id: Device unique ID
* @sdw_version: SDW version implemented
* The order of the IDs here does not follow the DisCo spec definitions
struct sdw_slave_id {
__u16 mfg_id;
__u16 part_id;
__u8 class_id;
__u8 unique_id:4;
__u8 sdw_version:4;
* struct sdw_slave_intr_status - Slave interrupt status
* @control_port: control port status
* @port: data port status
struct sdw_slave_intr_status {
u8 control_port;
u8 port[15];
* sdw_reg_bank - SoundWire register banks
* @SDW_BANK0: Soundwire register bank 0
* @SDW_BANK1: Soundwire register bank 1
enum sdw_reg_bank {
* struct sdw_bus_conf: Bus configuration
* @clk_freq: Clock frequency, in Hz
* @num_rows: Number of rows in frame
* @num_cols: Number of columns in frame
* @bank: Next register bank
struct sdw_bus_conf {
unsigned int clk_freq;
unsigned int num_rows;
unsigned int num_cols;
unsigned int bank;
* struct sdw_prepare_ch: Prepare/De-prepare Data Port channel
* @num: Port number
* @ch_mask: Active channel mask
* @prepare: Prepare (true) /de-prepare (false) channel
* @bank: Register bank, which bank Slave/Master driver should program for
* implementation defined registers. This is always updated to next_bank
* value read from bus params.
struct sdw_prepare_ch {
unsigned int num;
unsigned int ch_mask;
bool prepare;
unsigned int bank;
* enum sdw_port_prep_ops: Prepare operations for Data Port
* @SDW_OPS_PORT_PRE_PREP: Pre prepare operation for the Port
* @SDW_OPS_PORT_PREP: Prepare operation for the Port
* @SDW_OPS_PORT_POST_PREP: Post prepare operation for the Port
enum sdw_port_prep_ops {
* struct sdw_bus_params: Structure holding bus configuration
* @curr_bank: Current bank in use (BANK0/BANK1)
* @next_bank: Next bank to use (BANK0/BANK1). next_bank will always be
* set to !curr_bank
* @max_dr_freq: Maximum double rate clock frequency supported, in Hz
* @curr_dr_freq: Current double rate clock frequency, in Hz
* @bandwidth: Current bandwidth
* @col: Active columns
* @row: Active rows
struct sdw_bus_params {
enum sdw_reg_bank curr_bank;
enum sdw_reg_bank next_bank;
unsigned int max_dr_freq;
unsigned int curr_dr_freq;
unsigned int bandwidth;
unsigned int col;
unsigned int row;
* struct sdw_slave_ops: Slave driver callback ops
* @read_prop: Read Slave properties
* @interrupt_callback: Device interrupt notification (invoked in thread
* context)
* @update_status: Update Slave status
* @bus_config: Update the bus config for Slave
* @port_prep: Prepare the port with parameters
struct sdw_slave_ops {
int (*read_prop)(struct sdw_slave *sdw);
int (*interrupt_callback)(struct sdw_slave *slave,
struct sdw_slave_intr_status *status);
int (*update_status)(struct sdw_slave *slave,
enum sdw_slave_status status);
int (*bus_config)(struct sdw_slave *slave,
struct sdw_bus_params *params);
int (*port_prep)(struct sdw_slave *slave,
struct sdw_prepare_ch *prepare_ch,
enum sdw_port_prep_ops pre_ops);
* struct sdw_slave - SoundWire Slave
* @id: MIPI device ID
* @dev: Linux device
* @status: Status reported by the Slave
* @bus: Bus handle
* @ops: Slave callback ops
* @prop: Slave properties
* @node: node for bus list
* @port_ready: Port ready completion flag for each Slave port
* @dev_num: Device Number assigned by Bus
struct sdw_slave {
struct sdw_slave_id id;
struct device dev;
enum sdw_slave_status status;
struct sdw_bus *bus;
const struct sdw_slave_ops *ops;
struct sdw_slave_prop prop;
struct list_head node;
struct completion *port_ready;
u16 dev_num;
#define dev_to_sdw_dev(_dev) container_of(_dev, struct sdw_slave, dev)
struct sdw_driver {
const char *name;
int (*probe)(struct sdw_slave *sdw,
const struct sdw_device_id *id);
int (*remove)(struct sdw_slave *sdw);
void (*shutdown)(struct sdw_slave *sdw);
const struct sdw_device_id *id_table;
const struct sdw_slave_ops *ops;
struct device_driver driver;
#define SDW_SLAVE_ENTRY(_mfg_id, _part_id, _drv_data) \
{ .mfg_id = (_mfg_id), .part_id = (_part_id), \
.driver_data = (unsigned long)(_drv_data) }
int sdw_handle_slave_status(struct sdw_bus *bus,
enum sdw_slave_status status[]);
* SDW master structures and APIs
* struct sdw_port_params: Data Port parameters
* @num: Port number
* @bps: Word length of the Port
* @flow_mode: Port Data flow mode
* @data_mode: Test modes or normal mode
* This is used to program the Data Port based on Data Port stream
* parameters.
struct sdw_port_params {
unsigned int num;
unsigned int bps;
unsigned int flow_mode;
unsigned int data_mode;
* struct sdw_transport_params: Data Port Transport Parameters
* @blk_grp_ctrl_valid: Port implements block group control
* @num: Port number
* @blk_grp_ctrl: Block group control value
* @sample_interval: Sample interval
* @offset1: Blockoffset of the payload data
* @offset2: Blockoffset of the payload data
* @hstart: Horizontal start of the payload data
* @hstop: Horizontal stop of the payload data
* @blk_pkg_mode: Block per channel or block per port
* @lane_ctrl: Data lane Port uses for Data transfer. Currently only single
* data lane is supported in bus
* This is used to program the Data Port based on Data Port transport
* parameters. All these parameters are banked and can be modified
* during a bank switch without any artifacts in audio stream.
struct sdw_transport_params {
bool blk_grp_ctrl_valid;
unsigned int port_num;
unsigned int blk_grp_ctrl;
unsigned int sample_interval;
unsigned int offset1;
unsigned int offset2;
unsigned int hstart;
unsigned int hstop;
unsigned int blk_pkg_mode;
unsigned int lane_ctrl;
* struct sdw_enable_ch: Enable/disable Data Port channel
* @num: Port number
* @ch_mask: Active channel mask
* @enable: Enable (true) /disable (false) channel
struct sdw_enable_ch {
unsigned int port_num;
unsigned int ch_mask;
bool enable;
* struct sdw_master_port_ops: Callback functions from bus to Master
* driver to set Master Data ports.
* @dpn_set_port_params: Set the Port parameters for the Master Port.
* Mandatory callback
* @dpn_set_port_transport_params: Set transport parameters for the Master
* Port. Mandatory callback
* @dpn_port_prep: Port prepare operations for the Master Data Port.
* @dpn_port_enable_ch: Enable the channels of Master Port.
struct sdw_master_port_ops {
int (*dpn_set_port_params)(struct sdw_bus *bus,
struct sdw_port_params *port_params,
unsigned int bank);
int (*dpn_set_port_transport_params)(struct sdw_bus *bus,
struct sdw_transport_params *transport_params,
enum sdw_reg_bank bank);
int (*dpn_port_prep)(struct sdw_bus *bus,
struct sdw_prepare_ch *prepare_ch);
int (*dpn_port_enable_ch)(struct sdw_bus *bus,
struct sdw_enable_ch *enable_ch, unsigned int bank);
struct sdw_msg;
* struct sdw_defer - SDW deffered message
* @length: message length
* @complete: message completion
* @msg: SDW message
struct sdw_defer {
int length;
struct completion complete;
struct sdw_msg *msg;
* struct sdw_master_ops - Master driver ops
* @read_prop: Read Master properties
* @xfer_msg: Transfer message callback
* @xfer_msg_defer: Defer version of transfer message callback
* @reset_page_addr: Reset the SCP page address registers
* @set_bus_conf: Set the bus configuration
* @pre_bank_switch: Callback for pre bank switch
* @post_bank_switch: Callback for post bank switch
struct sdw_master_ops {
int (*read_prop)(struct sdw_bus *bus);
enum sdw_command_response (*xfer_msg)
(struct sdw_bus *bus, struct sdw_msg *msg);
enum sdw_command_response (*xfer_msg_defer)
(struct sdw_bus *bus, struct sdw_msg *msg,
struct sdw_defer *defer);
enum sdw_command_response (*reset_page_addr)
(struct sdw_bus *bus, unsigned int dev_num);
int (*set_bus_conf)(struct sdw_bus *bus,
struct sdw_bus_params *params);
int (*pre_bank_switch)(struct sdw_bus *bus);
int (*post_bank_switch)(struct sdw_bus *bus);
* struct sdw_bus - SoundWire bus
* @dev: Master linux device
* @link_id: Link id number, can be 0 to N, unique for each Master
* @slaves: list of Slaves on this bus
* @assigned: Bitmap for Slave device numbers.
* Bit set implies used number, bit clear implies unused number.
* @bus_lock: bus lock
* @msg_lock: message lock
* @ops: Master callback ops
* @port_ops: Master port callback ops
* @params: Current bus parameters
* @prop: Master properties
* @m_rt_list: List of Master instance of all stream(s) running on Bus. This
* is used to compute and program bus bandwidth, clock, frame shape,
* transport and port parameters
* @defer_msg: Defer message
* @clk_stop_timeout: Clock stop timeout computed
* @bank_switch_timeout: Bank switch timeout computed
struct sdw_bus {
struct device *dev;
unsigned int link_id;
struct list_head slaves;
struct mutex bus_lock;
struct mutex msg_lock;
const struct sdw_master_ops *ops;
const struct sdw_master_port_ops *port_ops;
struct sdw_bus_params params;
struct sdw_master_prop prop;
struct list_head m_rt_list;
struct sdw_defer defer_msg;
unsigned int clk_stop_timeout;
u32 bank_switch_timeout;
int sdw_add_bus_master(struct sdw_bus *bus);
void sdw_delete_bus_master(struct sdw_bus *bus);
* sdw_port_config: Master or Slave Port configuration
* @num: Port number
* @ch_mask: channels mask for port
struct sdw_port_config {
unsigned int num;
unsigned int ch_mask;
* sdw_stream_config: Master or Slave stream configuration
* @frame_rate: Audio frame rate of the stream, in Hz
* @ch_count: Channel count of the stream
* @bps: Number of bits per audio sample
* @direction: Data direction
* @type: Stream type PCM or PDM
struct sdw_stream_config {
unsigned int frame_rate;
unsigned int ch_count;
unsigned int bps;
enum sdw_data_direction direction;
enum sdw_stream_type type;
* sdw_stream_state: Stream states
* @SDW_STREAM_ALLOCATED: New stream allocated.
* @SDW_STREAM_CONFIGURED: Stream configured
* @SDW_STREAM_PREPARED: Stream prepared
* @SDW_STREAM_ENABLED: Stream enabled
* @SDW_STREAM_DISABLED: Stream disabled
* @SDW_STREAM_DEPREPARED: Stream de-prepared
* @SDW_STREAM_RELEASED: Stream released
enum sdw_stream_state {
* sdw_stream_params: Stream parameters
* @rate: Sampling frequency, in Hz
* @ch_count: Number of channels
* @bps: bits per channel sample
struct sdw_stream_params {
unsigned int rate;
unsigned int ch_count;
unsigned int bps;
* sdw_stream_runtime: Runtime stream parameters
* @name: SoundWire stream name
* @params: Stream parameters
* @state: Current state of the stream
* @type: Stream type PCM or PDM
* @m_rt: Master runtime
struct sdw_stream_runtime {
char *name;
struct sdw_stream_params params;
enum sdw_stream_state state;
enum sdw_stream_type type;
struct sdw_master_runtime *m_rt;
struct sdw_stream_runtime *sdw_alloc_stream(char *stream_name);
void sdw_release_stream(struct sdw_stream_runtime *stream);
int sdw_stream_add_master(struct sdw_bus *bus,
struct sdw_stream_config *stream_config,
struct sdw_port_config *port_config,
unsigned int num_ports,
struct sdw_stream_runtime *stream);
int sdw_stream_add_slave(struct sdw_slave *slave,
struct sdw_stream_config *stream_config,
struct sdw_port_config *port_config,
unsigned int num_ports,
struct sdw_stream_runtime *stream);
int sdw_stream_remove_master(struct sdw_bus *bus,
struct sdw_stream_runtime *stream);
int sdw_stream_remove_slave(struct sdw_slave *slave,
struct sdw_stream_runtime *stream);
int sdw_prepare_stream(struct sdw_stream_runtime *stream);
int sdw_enable_stream(struct sdw_stream_runtime *stream);
int sdw_disable_stream(struct sdw_stream_runtime *stream);
int sdw_deprepare_stream(struct sdw_stream_runtime *stream);
/* messaging and data APIs */
int sdw_read(struct sdw_slave *slave, u32 addr);
int sdw_write(struct sdw_slave *slave, u32 addr, u8 value);
int sdw_nread(struct sdw_slave *slave, u32 addr, size_t count, u8 *val);
int sdw_nwrite(struct sdw_slave *slave, u32 addr, size_t count, u8 *val);
#endif /* __SOUNDWIRE_H */