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#ifndef _NET_DN_FIB_H
#define _NET_DN_FIB_H
/* WARNING: The ordering of these elements must match ordering
* of RTA_* rtnetlink attribute numbers.
struct dn_kern_rta {
void *rta_dst;
void *rta_src;
int *rta_iif;
int *rta_oif;
void *rta_gw;
u32 *rta_priority;
void *rta_prefsrc;
struct rtattr *rta_mx;
struct rtattr *rta_mp;
unsigned char *rta_protoinfo;
u32 *rta_flow;
struct rta_cacheinfo *rta_ci;
struct rta_session *rta_sess;
struct dn_fib_res {
struct fib_rule *r;
struct dn_fib_info *fi;
unsigned char prefixlen;
unsigned char nh_sel;
unsigned char type;
unsigned char scope;
struct dn_fib_nh {
struct net_device *nh_dev;
unsigned int nh_flags;
unsigned char nh_scope;
int nh_weight;
int nh_power;
int nh_oif;
__le16 nh_gw;
struct dn_fib_info {
struct dn_fib_info *fib_next;
struct dn_fib_info *fib_prev;
int fib_treeref;
atomic_t fib_clntref;
int fib_dead;
unsigned int fib_flags;
int fib_protocol;
__le16 fib_prefsrc;
__u32 fib_priority;
__u32 fib_metrics[RTAX_MAX];
int fib_nhs;
int fib_power;
struct dn_fib_nh fib_nh[0];
#define dn_fib_dev fib_nh[0].nh_dev
#define DN_FIB_RES_RESET(res) ((res).nh_sel = 0)
#define DN_FIB_RES_NH(res) ((res).fi->fib_nh[(res).nh_sel])
#define DN_FIB_RES_PREFSRC(res) ((res).fi->fib_prefsrc ? : __dn_fib_res_prefsrc(&res))
#define DN_FIB_RES_GW(res) (DN_FIB_RES_NH(res).nh_gw)
#define DN_FIB_RES_DEV(res) (DN_FIB_RES_NH(res).nh_dev)
#define DN_FIB_RES_OIF(res) (DN_FIB_RES_NH(res).nh_oif)
typedef struct {
__le16 datum;
} dn_fib_key_t;
typedef struct {
__le16 datum;
} dn_fib_hash_t;
typedef struct {
__u16 datum;
} dn_fib_idx_t;
struct dn_fib_node {
struct dn_fib_node *fn_next;
struct dn_fib_info *fn_info;
#define DN_FIB_INFO(f) ((f)->fn_info)
dn_fib_key_t fn_key;
u8 fn_type;
u8 fn_scope;
u8 fn_state;
struct dn_fib_table {
struct hlist_node hlist;
u32 n;
int (*insert)(struct dn_fib_table *t, struct rtmsg *r,
struct dn_kern_rta *rta, struct nlmsghdr *n,
struct netlink_skb_parms *req);
int (*delete)(struct dn_fib_table *t, struct rtmsg *r,
struct dn_kern_rta *rta, struct nlmsghdr *n,
struct netlink_skb_parms *req);
int (*lookup)(struct dn_fib_table *t, const struct flowidn *fld,
struct dn_fib_res *res);
int (*flush)(struct dn_fib_table *t);
int (*dump)(struct dn_fib_table *t, struct sk_buff *skb, struct netlink_callback *cb);
unsigned char data[0];
* dn_fib.c
extern void dn_fib_init(void);
extern void dn_fib_cleanup(void);
extern int dn_fib_ioctl(struct socket *sock, unsigned int cmd,
unsigned long arg);
extern struct dn_fib_info *dn_fib_create_info(const struct rtmsg *r,
struct dn_kern_rta *rta,
const struct nlmsghdr *nlh, int *errp);
extern int dn_fib_semantic_match(int type, struct dn_fib_info *fi,
const struct flowidn *fld,
struct dn_fib_res *res);
extern void dn_fib_release_info(struct dn_fib_info *fi);
extern __le16 dn_fib_get_attr16(struct rtattr *attr, int attrlen, int type);
extern void dn_fib_flush(void);
extern void dn_fib_select_multipath(const struct flowidn *fld,
struct dn_fib_res *res);
* dn_tables.c
extern struct dn_fib_table *dn_fib_get_table(u32 n, int creat);
extern struct dn_fib_table *dn_fib_empty_table(void);
extern void dn_fib_table_init(void);
extern void dn_fib_table_cleanup(void);
* dn_rules.c
extern void dn_fib_rules_init(void);
extern void dn_fib_rules_cleanup(void);
extern unsigned int dnet_addr_type(__le16 addr);
extern int dn_fib_lookup(struct flowidn *fld, struct dn_fib_res *res);
extern int dn_fib_dump(struct sk_buff *skb, struct netlink_callback *cb);
extern void dn_fib_free_info(struct dn_fib_info *fi);
static inline void dn_fib_info_put(struct dn_fib_info *fi)
if (atomic_dec_and_test(&fi->fib_clntref))
static inline void dn_fib_res_put(struct dn_fib_res *res)
if (res->fi)
if (res->r)
#else /* Endnode */
#define dn_fib_init() do { } while(0)
#define dn_fib_cleanup() do { } while(0)
#define dn_fib_lookup(fl, res) (-ESRCH)
#define dn_fib_info_put(fi) do { } while(0)
#define dn_fib_select_multipath(fl, res) do { } while(0)
#define dn_fib_rules_policy(saddr,res,flags) (0)
#define dn_fib_res_put(res) do { } while(0)
static inline __le16 dnet_make_mask(int n)
if (n)
return cpu_to_le16(~((1 << (16 - n)) - 1));
return cpu_to_le16(0);
#endif /* _NET_DN_FIB_H */