Merge tag 'ntb-5.3' of git://

Pull NTB updates from Jon Mason:
 "New feature to add support for NTB virtual MSI interrupts, the ability
  to test and use this feature in the NTB transport layer.

  Also, bug fixes for the AMD and Switchtec drivers, as well as some
  general patches"

* tag 'ntb-5.3' of git:// (22 commits)
  NTB: Describe the ntb_msi_test client in the documentation.
  NTB: Add MSI interrupt support to ntb_transport
  NTB: Add ntb_msi_test support to ntb_test
  NTB: Introduce NTB MSI Test Client
  NTB: Introduce MSI library
  NTB: Rename ntb.c to support multiple source files in the module
  NTB: Introduce functions to calculate multi-port resource index
  NTB: Introduce helper functions to calculate logical port number
  PCI/switchtec: Add module parameter to request more interrupts
  PCI/MSI: Support allocating virtual MSI interrupts
  ntb_hw_switchtec: Fix setup MW with failure bug
  ntb_hw_switchtec: Skip unnecessary re-setup of shared memory window for crosslink case
  ntb_hw_switchtec: Remove redundant steps of switchtec_ntb_reinit_peer() function
  NTB: correct ntb_dev_ops and ntb_dev comment typos
  NTB: amd: Silence shift wrapping warning in amd_ntb_db_vector_mask()
  ntb_hw_switchtec: potential shift wrapping bug in switchtec_ntb_init_sndev()
  NTB: ntb_transport: Ensure qp->tx_mw_dma_addr is initaliazed
  NTB: ntb_hw_amd: set peer limit register
  NTB: ntb_perf: Clear stale values in doorbell and command SPAD register
  NTB: ntb_perf: Disable NTB link after clearing peer XLAT registers