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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
Types and defines needed for RDS. This is included by
saa6588.c and every driver (e.g. bttv-driver.c) that wants
to use the saa6588 module.
(c) 2005 by Hans J. Koch
#ifndef _SAA6588_H
#define _SAA6588_H
struct saa6588_command {
unsigned int block_count;
bool nonblocking;
int result;
unsigned char __user *buffer;
struct file *instance;
poll_table *event_list;
__poll_t poll_mask;
/* These ioctls are internal to the kernel */
#define SAA6588_CMD_CLOSE _IOW('R', 2, int)
#define SAA6588_CMD_READ _IOR('R', 3, int)
#define SAA6588_CMD_POLL _IOR('R', 4, int)