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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* upd6408x - NEC Electronics 3-Dimensional Y/C separation input defines
* 2006 by Hans Verkuil (
#ifndef _UPD64083_H_
#define _UPD64083_H_
/* There are two bits of information that the driver needs in order
to select the correct routing: the operating mode and the selection
of the Y input (external or internal).
The first two operating modes expect a composite signal on the Y input,
the second two operating modes use both the Y and C inputs.
Normally YCS_MODE is used for tuner and composite inputs, and the
YCNR mode is used for S-Video inputs.
The external Y-ADC is selected when the composite input comes from a
upd64031a ghost reduction device. If this device is not present, or
the input is a S-Video signal, then the internal Y-ADC input should
be used. */
/* Operating modes: */
/* YCS mode: Y/C separation (burst locked clocking) */
#define UPD64083_YCS_MODE 0
/* YCS+ mode: 2D Y/C separation and YCNR (burst locked clocking) */
#define UPD64083_YCS_PLUS_MODE 1
/* Note: the following two modes cannot be used in combination with the
external Y-ADC. */
/* MNNR mode: frame comb type YNR+C delay (line locked clocking) */
#define UPD64083_MNNR_MODE 2
/* YCNR mode: frame recursive YCNR (burst locked clocking) */
#define UPD64083_YCNR_MODE 3
/* Select external Y-ADC: this should be set if this device is used in
combination with the upd64031a ghost reduction device.
Otherwise leave at 0 (use internal Y-ADC). */
#define UPD64083_EXT_Y_ADC (1 << 2)