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#include "ddk750_chip.h"
#include "ddk750_reg.h"
#include "ddk750_dvi.h"
#include "ddk750_sii164.h"
* This global variable contains all the supported driver and its corresponding
* function API. Please set the function pointer to NULL whenever the function
* is not supported.
static dvi_ctrl_device_t g_dcftSupportedDviController[] = {
#ifdef DVI_CTRL_SII164
.pfnInit = sii164InitChip,
.pfnGetVendorId = sii164GetVendorID,
.pfnGetDeviceId = sii164GetDeviceID,
.pfnResetChip = sii164ResetChip,
.pfnGetChipString = sii164GetChipString,
.pfnSetPower = sii164SetPower,
.pfnEnableHotPlugDetection = sii164EnableHotPlugDetection,
.pfnIsConnected = sii164IsConnected,
.pfnCheckInterrupt = sii164CheckInterrupt,
.pfnClearInterrupt = sii164ClearInterrupt,
int dviInit(
unsigned char edgeSelect,
unsigned char busSelect,
unsigned char dualEdgeClkSelect,
unsigned char hsyncEnable,
unsigned char vsyncEnable,
unsigned char deskewEnable,
unsigned char deskewSetting,
unsigned char continuousSyncEnable,
unsigned char pllFilterEnable,
unsigned char pllFilterValue
dvi_ctrl_device_t *pCurrentDviCtrl;
pCurrentDviCtrl = g_dcftSupportedDviController;
if (pCurrentDviCtrl->pfnInit) {
return pCurrentDviCtrl->pfnInit(edgeSelect, busSelect, dualEdgeClkSelect, hsyncEnable,
vsyncEnable, deskewEnable, deskewSetting, continuousSyncEnable,
pllFilterEnable, pllFilterValue);
return -1; /* error */