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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
--opaque-type xregs_state
--opaque-type desc_struct
--opaque-type arch_lbr_state
--opaque-type local_apic
# Packed type cannot transitively contain a `#[repr(align)]` type.
--opaque-type x86_msi_data
--opaque-type x86_msi_addr_lo
# `try` is a reserved keyword since Rust 2018; solved in `bindgen` v0.59.2,
# commit 2aed6b021680 ("context: Escape the try keyword properly").
--opaque-type kunit_try_catch
# If SMP is disabled, `arch_spinlock_t` is defined as a ZST which triggers a Rust
# warning. We don't need to peek into it anyway.
--opaque-type spinlock
# `seccomp`'s comment gets understood as a doctest