perf machine: Initialize srcline string member in add_location struct

It's later supposed to be either a correct address or NULL. Without the
initialization, it may contain an undefined value which results in the
following segmentation fault:

  # perf top --sort comm -g --ignore-callees=do_idle

terminates with:

  #0  0x00007ffff56b7685 in __strlen_avx2 () from /lib64/
  #1  0x00007ffff55e3802 in strdup () from /lib64/
  #2  0x00005555558cb139 in hist_entry__init (callchain_size=<optimized out>, sample_self=true, template=0x7fffde7fb110, he=0x7fffd801c250) at util/hist.c:489
  #3  hist_entry__new (template=template@entry=0x7fffde7fb110, sample_self=sample_self@entry=true) at util/hist.c:564
  #4  0x00005555558cb4ba in hists__findnew_entry (hists=hists@entry=0x5555561d9e38, entry=entry@entry=0x7fffde7fb110, al=al@entry=0x7fffde7fb420,
      sample_self=sample_self@entry=true) at util/hist.c:657
  #5  0x00005555558cba1b in __hists__add_entry (hists=hists@entry=0x5555561d9e38, al=0x7fffde7fb420, sym_parent=<optimized out>, bi=bi@entry=0x0, mi=mi@entry=0x0,
      sample=sample@entry=0x7fffde7fb4b0, sample_self=true, ops=0x0, block_info=0x0) at util/hist.c:288
  #6  0x00005555558cbb70 in hists__add_entry (sample_self=true, sample=0x7fffde7fb4b0, mi=0x0, bi=0x0, sym_parent=<optimized out>, al=<optimized out>, hists=0x5555561d9e38)
      at util/hist.c:1056
  #7  iter_add_single_cumulative_entry (iter=0x7fffde7fb460, al=<optimized out>) at util/hist.c:1056
  #8  0x00005555558cc8a4 in hist_entry_iter__add (iter=iter@entry=0x7fffde7fb460, al=al@entry=0x7fffde7fb420, max_stack_depth=<optimized out>, arg=arg@entry=0x7fffffff7db0)
      at util/hist.c:1231
  #9  0x00005555557cdc9a in perf_event__process_sample (machine=<optimized out>, sample=0x7fffde7fb4b0, evsel=<optimized out>, event=<optimized out>, tool=0x7fffffff7db0)
      at builtin-top.c:842
  #10 deliver_event (qe=<optimized out>, qevent=<optimized out>) at builtin-top.c:1202
  #11 0x00005555558a9318 in do_flush (show_progress=false, oe=0x7fffffff80e0) at util/ordered-events.c:244
  #12 __ordered_events__flush (oe=oe@entry=0x7fffffff80e0, how=how@entry=OE_FLUSH__TOP, timestamp=timestamp@entry=0) at util/ordered-events.c:323
  #13 0x00005555558a9789 in __ordered_events__flush (timestamp=<optimized out>, how=<optimized out>, oe=<optimized out>) at util/ordered-events.c:339
  #14 ordered_events__flush (how=OE_FLUSH__TOP, oe=0x7fffffff80e0) at util/ordered-events.c:341
  #15 ordered_events__flush (oe=oe@entry=0x7fffffff80e0, how=how@entry=OE_FLUSH__TOP) at util/ordered-events.c:339
  #16 0x00005555557cd631 in process_thread (arg=0x7fffffff7db0) at builtin-top.c:1114
  #17 0x00007ffff7bb817a in start_thread () from /lib64/
  #18 0x00007ffff5656dc3 in clone () from /lib64/

If you look at the frame #2, the code is:

488	 if (he->srcline) {
489          he->srcline = strdup(he->srcline);
490          if (he->srcline == NULL)
491              goto err_rawdata;
492	 }

If he->srcline is not NULL (it is not NULL if it is uninitialized rubbish),
it gets strdupped and strdupping a rubbish random string causes the problem.

Also, if you look at the commit 1fb7d06a509e, it adds the srcline property
into the struct, but not initializing it everywhere needed.

Committer notes:

Now I see, when using --ignore-callees=do_idle we end up here at line
2189 in add_callchain_ip():

2181         if (al.sym != NULL) {
2182                 if (perf_hpp_list.parent && !*parent &&
2183                     symbol__match_regex(al.sym, &parent_regex))
2184                         *parent = al.sym;
2185                 else if (have_ignore_callees && root_al &&
2186                   symbol__match_regex(al.sym, &ignore_callees_regex)) {
2187                         /* Treat this symbol as the root,
2188                            forgetting its callees. */
2189                         *root_al = al;
2190                         callchain_cursor_reset(cursor);
2191                 }
2192         }

And the al that doesn't have the ->srcline field initialized will be
copied to the root_al, so then, back to:

1211 int hist_entry_iter__add(struct hist_entry_iter *iter, struct addr_location *al,
1212                          int max_stack_depth, void *arg)
1213 {
1214         int err, err2;
1215         struct map *alm = NULL;
1217         if (al)
1218                 alm = map__get(al->map);
1220         err = sample__resolve_callchain(iter->sample, &callchain_cursor, &iter->parent,
1221                                         iter->evsel, al, max_stack_depth);
1222         if (err) {
1223                 map__put(alm);
1224                 return err;
1225         }
1227         err = iter->ops->prepare_entry(iter, al);
1228         if (err)
1229                 goto out;
1231         err = iter->ops->add_single_entry(iter, al);
1232         if (err)
1233                 goto out;

That al at line 1221 is what hist_entry_iter__add() (called from
sample__resolve_callchain()) saw as 'root_al', and then:

        iter->ops->add_single_entry(iter, al);

will go on with al->srcline with a bogus value, I'll add the above
sequence to the cset and apply, thanks!

Signed-off-by: Michael Petlan <>
CC: Milian Wolff <>
Cc: Jiri Olsa <>
Fixes: 1fb7d06a509e ("perf report Use srcline from callchain for hist entries")
Link: https //
Reported-by: Juri Lelli <>
Signed-off-by: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <>
1 file changed