Remove skipping of help lines in parse_kconfig_file

When parsing Kconfig files to find symbol definitions and references,
lines after a 'help' line are skipped until a new config definition

However, Kconfig statements can actually be after a help section, as
long as these have shallower indentation. These are skipped by the

This means that symbols referenced in this kind of statements are
ignored by this function and thus are not considered undefined
references in case the symbol is not defined.

Remove the 'skip' logic entirely, as it is not needed if we just use the
STMT regex to find the end of help lines.

However, this means that keywords that appear as part of the help
message (i.e. with the same indentation as the help lines) it will be
considered as a reference/definition. This can happen now as well, but
only with REGEX_KCONFIG_DEF lines. Also, the keyword must have a SYMBOL
after it, which probably means that someone referenced a config in the
help so it seems like a bonus :)

The real solution is to keep track of the indentation when a the first
help line in encountered and then handle DEF and STMT lines only if the
indentation is shallower.

Signed-off-by: Ariel Marcovitch <>
Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <>
1 file changed