* PSCI relay at EL2 when "protected KVM" is enabled
* New exception injection code
* Simplification of AArch32 system register handling
* Fix PMU accesses when no PMU is enabled
* Expose CSV3 on non-Meltdown hosts
* Cache hierarchy discovery fixes
* PV steal-time cleanups
* Allow function pointers at EL2
* Various host EL2 entry cleanups
* Simplification of the EL2 vector allocation

* memcg accouting for s390 specific parts of kvm and gmap
* selftest for diag318
* new kvm_stat for when async_pf falls back to sync

* Tracepoints for the new pagetable code from 5.10
* Catch VFIO and KVM irqfd events before userspace
* Reporting dirty pages to userspace with a ring buffer
* SEV-ES host support
* Nested VMX support for wait-for-SIPI activity state
* New feature flag (AVX512 FP16)
* New system ioctl to report Hyper-V-compatible paravirtualization features

* Selftest improvements
KVM: SVM: fix 32-bit compilation

VCPU_REGS_R8...VCPU_REGS_R15 are not defined on 32-bit x86,
so cull them from the synchronization of the VMSA.

Signed-off-by: Paolo Bonzini <>
1 file changed