Merge branch 'qed-Utilize-FW-'

Michal Kalderon says:

qed*: Utilize FW

This FW contains several fixes and features, main ones listed below.
We have taken into consideration past comments on previous FW versions
that were uploaded and tried to separate this one to smaller patches to
ease review.

- RoCE
	- SRIOV support
	- Fixes in following flows:
		- latency optimization flow for inline WQEs
		- iwarp OOO packed DDPs flow
		- tx-dif workaround calculations flow
		- XRC-SRQ exceed cache num

	- Fixes:
		- iSCSI TCP out-of-order handling.
		- iscsi retransmit flow

- Fcoe
	- Fixes:
		- upload + cleanup flows

- Debug
	- Better handling of extracting data during traffic
	- ILT Dump -> dumping host memory used by chip
	- MDUMP -> collect debug data on system crash and extract after

Patches prefixed with FW are required to work with binary FW where as the rest are FW related but do not require the

Changes from V2
- Move FW version to the start of the series to maintain minimal compatibility
- Fix some kbuild errors:
	- frame size larger than 1024 (Queue Manager patch - remove redundant
	  field from struct)
	- sparse warning on endianity (Dmae patch fix - wrong use of __le32 for field
	  used only on host, should be u32)
	- static should be used for some functions (Debug feature ilt and mdump)

Reported-by: kbuild test robot <>

Changes from V1
- Remove epoch + kernel version from device debug dump
- don't bump driver version

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>