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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Earthsoft PT3 driver
* Copyright (C) 2014 Akihiro Tsukada <>
#ifndef PT3_H
#define PT3_H
#include <linux/atomic.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <media/dvb_demux.h>
#include <media/dvb_frontend.h>
#include <media/dmxdev.h>
#include "tc90522.h"
#include "mxl301rf.h"
#include "qm1d1c0042.h"
#define PT3_NUM_FE 4
* register index of the FPGA chip
#define REG_VERSION 0x00
#define REG_BUS 0x04
#define REG_SYSTEM_W 0x08
#define REG_SYSTEM_R 0x0c
#define REG_I2C_W 0x10
#define REG_I2C_R 0x14
#define REG_RAM_W 0x18
#define REG_RAM_R 0x1c
#define REG_DMA_BASE 0x40 /* regs for FE[i] = REG_DMA_BASE + 0x18 * i */
#define OFST_DMA_DESC_L 0x00
#define OFST_DMA_DESC_H 0x04
#define OFST_DMA_CTL 0x08
#define OFST_TS_CTL 0x0c
#define OFST_STATUS 0x10
#define OFST_TS_ERR 0x14
* internal buffer for I2C
#define PT3_I2C_MAX 4091
struct pt3_i2cbuf {
u8 data[PT3_I2C_MAX];
u8 tmp;
u32 num_cmds;
* DMA things
#define TS_PACKET_SZ 188
/* DMA transfers must not cross 4GiB, so use one page / transfer */
#define DATA_XFER_SZ 4096
#define DATA_BUF_XFERS 47
/* (num_bufs * DATA_BUF_SZ) % TS_PACKET_SZ must be 0 */
#define MAX_DATA_BUFS 16
#define MIN_DATA_BUFS 2
#define DESCS_IN_PAGE (PAGE_SIZE / sizeof(struct xfer_desc))
/* DMA transfer description.
* device is passed a pointer to this struct, dma-reads it,
* and gets the DMA buffer ring for storing TS data.
struct xfer_desc {
u32 addr_l; /* bus address of target data buffer */
u32 addr_h;
u32 size;
u32 next_l; /* bus address of the next xfer_desc */
u32 next_h;
/* A DMA mapping of a page containing xfer_desc's */
struct xfer_desc_buffer {
dma_addr_t b_addr;
struct xfer_desc *descs; /* PAGE_SIZE (xfer_desc[DESCS_IN_PAGE]) */
/* A DMA mapping of a data buffer */
struct dma_data_buffer {
dma_addr_t b_addr;
u8 *data; /* size: u8[PAGE_SIZE] */
* device things
struct pt3_adap_config {
struct i2c_board_info demod_info;
struct tc90522_config demod_cfg;
struct i2c_board_info tuner_info;
union tuner_config {
struct qm1d1c0042_config qm1d1c0042;
struct mxl301rf_config mxl301rf;
} tuner_cfg;
u32 init_freq;
struct pt3_adapter {
struct dvb_adapter dvb_adap; /* dvb_adap.priv => struct pt3_board */
int adap_idx;
struct dvb_demux demux;
struct dmxdev dmxdev;
struct dvb_frontend *fe;
struct i2c_client *i2c_demod;
struct i2c_client *i2c_tuner;
/* data fetch thread */
struct task_struct *thread;
int num_feeds;
bool cur_lna;
bool cur_lnb; /* current LNB power status (on/off) */
/* items below are for DMA */
struct dma_data_buffer buffer[MAX_DATA_BUFS];
int buf_idx;
int buf_ofs;
int num_bufs; /* == pt3_board->num_bufs */
int num_discard; /* how many access units to discard initially */
struct xfer_desc_buffer desc_buf[MAX_DESC_BUFS];
int num_desc_bufs; /* == num_bufs * DATA_BUF_XFERS / DESCS_IN_PAGE */
struct pt3_board {
struct pci_dev *pdev;
void __iomem *regs[2];
/* regs[0]: registers, regs[1]: internal memory, used for I2C */
struct mutex lock;
/* LNB power shared among sat-FEs */
int lnb_on_cnt; /* LNB power on count */
/* LNA shared among terr-FEs */
int lna_on_cnt; /* booster enabled count */
int num_bufs; /* number of DMA buffers allocated/mapped per FE */
struct i2c_adapter i2c_adap;
struct pt3_i2cbuf *i2c_buf;
struct pt3_adapter *adaps[PT3_NUM_FE];
* prototypes
extern int pt3_alloc_dmabuf(struct pt3_adapter *adap);
extern void pt3_init_dmabuf(struct pt3_adapter *adap);
extern void pt3_free_dmabuf(struct pt3_adapter *adap);
extern int pt3_start_dma(struct pt3_adapter *adap);
extern int pt3_stop_dma(struct pt3_adapter *adap);
extern int pt3_proc_dma(struct pt3_adapter *adap);
extern int pt3_i2c_master_xfer(struct i2c_adapter *adap,
struct i2c_msg *msgs, int num);
extern u32 pt3_i2c_functionality(struct i2c_adapter *adap);
extern void pt3_i2c_reset(struct pt3_board *pt3);
extern int pt3_init_all_demods(struct pt3_board *pt3);
extern int pt3_init_all_mxl301rf(struct pt3_board *pt3);
#endif /* PT3_H */