Merge tag 'regulator-v5.10' of git://

Pull regulator updates from Mark Brown:
 "This is a fairly small release for the regulator API, there's quite a
  few new devices supported and some important improvements around
  coupled regulators in the core but mostly just small fixes and
  improvements otherwise.


   - Fixes and cleanups around the handling of coupled regulators.

   - A special driver for some Raspberry Pi panels with some unusually
     custom stuff around them.

   - Support for Qualcomm PM660/PM660L, PM8950 and PM8953, Richtek
     RT4801 and RTMV20, Rohm BD9576MUF and BD9573MUF"

* tag 'regulator-v5.10' of git:// (89 commits)
  regulator: bd9576: Fix print
  regulator: bd9576: fix regulator binfdings dt node names
  dt-bindings: regulator: document pm8950 and pm8953 smd regulators
  regulator: qcom_smd: add pm8953 regulators
  regulator: Make constraint debug processing conditional on DEBUG
  regulator: qcom: labibb: Constify static structs
  regulator: dt-bindings: Document the PM660/PM660L PMICs entries
  regulator: qcom_smd: Add PM660/PM660L regulator support
  regulator: dt-bindings: Document the PM660/660L SPMI PMIC entries
  regulator: qcom_spmi: Add PM660/PM660L regulators
  regulator: qcom_spmi: Add support for new regulator types
  regulator: core: Enlarge max OF property name length to 64 chars
  regulator: tps65910: use regmap accessors
  regulator: rtmv20: Add missing regcache cache only before marked as dirty
  regulator: rtmv20: Update DT binding document and property name parsing
  regulator: rtmv20: Add DT-binding document for Richtek RTMV20
  regulator: rtmv20: Adds support for Richtek RTMV20 load switch regulator
  regulator: resolve supply after creating regulator
  regulator: print symbolic errors in kernel messages
  regulator: print state at boot