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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT */
* Copyright (c) 2015, Roger Pau Monne <>
#include "../xen.h"
struct vcpu_hvm_x86_32 {
uint32_t eax;
uint32_t ecx;
uint32_t edx;
uint32_t ebx;
uint32_t esp;
uint32_t ebp;
uint32_t esi;
uint32_t edi;
uint32_t eip;
uint32_t eflags;
uint32_t cr0;
uint32_t cr3;
uint32_t cr4;
uint32_t pad1;
* EFER should only be used to set the NXE bit (if required)
* when starting a vCPU in 32bit mode with paging enabled or
* to set the LME/LMA bits in order to start the vCPU in
* compatibility mode.
uint64_t efer;
uint32_t cs_base;
uint32_t ds_base;
uint32_t ss_base;
uint32_t es_base;
uint32_t tr_base;
uint32_t cs_limit;
uint32_t ds_limit;
uint32_t ss_limit;
uint32_t es_limit;
uint32_t tr_limit;
uint16_t cs_ar;
uint16_t ds_ar;
uint16_t ss_ar;
uint16_t es_ar;
uint16_t tr_ar;
uint16_t pad2[3];
* The layout of the _ar fields of the segment registers is the
* following:
* Bits [0,3]: type (bits 40-43).
* Bit 4: s (descriptor type, bit 44).
* Bit [5,6]: dpl (descriptor privilege level, bits 45-46).
* Bit 7: p (segment-present, bit 47).
* Bit 8: avl (available for system software, bit 52).
* Bit 9: l (64-bit code segment, bit 53).
* Bit 10: db (meaning depends on the segment, bit 54).
* Bit 11: g (granularity, bit 55)
* Bits [12,15]: unused, must be blank.
* A more complete description of the meaning of this fields can be
* obtained from the Intel SDM, Volume 3, section 3.4.5.
struct vcpu_hvm_x86_64 {
uint64_t rax;
uint64_t rcx;
uint64_t rdx;
uint64_t rbx;
uint64_t rsp;
uint64_t rbp;
uint64_t rsi;
uint64_t rdi;
uint64_t rip;
uint64_t rflags;
uint64_t cr0;
uint64_t cr3;
uint64_t cr4;
uint64_t efer;
* Using VCPU_HVM_MODE_64B implies that the vCPU is launched
* directly in long mode, so the cached parts of the segment
* registers get set to match that environment.
* If the user wants to launch the vCPU in compatibility mode
* the 32-bit structure should be used instead.
struct vcpu_hvm_context {
#define VCPU_HVM_MODE_32B 0 /* 32bit fields of the structure will be used. */
#define VCPU_HVM_MODE_64B 1 /* 64bit fields of the structure will be used. */
uint32_t mode;
uint32_t pad;
/* CPU registers. */
union {
struct vcpu_hvm_x86_32 x86_32;
struct vcpu_hvm_x86_64 x86_64;
} cpu_regs;
typedef struct vcpu_hvm_context vcpu_hvm_context_t;
#endif /* __XEN_PUBLIC_HVM_HVM_VCPU_H__ */