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* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
* License. See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
* for more details.
* Copyright (C) 2003 by Ralf Baechle
#ifndef __ASM_PREFETCH_H
#define __ASM_PREFETCH_H
#include <linux/config.h>
* R5000 and RM5200 implements pref and prefx instructions but they're nops, so
* rather than wasting time we pretend these processors don't support
* prefetching at all.
* R5432 implements Load, Store, LoadStreamed, StoreStreamed, LoadRetained,
* StoreRetained and WriteBackInvalidate but not Pref_PrepareForStore.
* Hell (and the book on my shelf I can't open ...) know what the R8000 does.
* RM7000 version 1.0 interprets all hints as Pref_Load; version 2.0 implements
* Pref_PrepareForStore also.
* RM9000 is MIPS IV but implements prefetching like MIPS32/MIPS64; it's
* Pref_WriteBackInvalidate is a nop and Pref_PrepareForStore is broken in
* current versions due to erratum G105.
* VR7701 only implements the Load prefetch.
* Finally MIPS32 and MIPS64 implement all of the following hints.
#define Pref_Load 0
#define Pref_Store 1
/* 2 and 3 are reserved */
#define Pref_LoadStreamed 4
#define Pref_StoreStreamed 5
#define Pref_LoadRetained 6
#define Pref_StoreRetained 7
/* 8 ... 24 are reserved */
#define Pref_WriteBackInvalidate 25
#define Pref_PrepareForStore 30
#ifdef __ASSEMBLY__
.macro __pref hint addr
pref \hint, \addr
.macro pref_load addr
__pref Pref_Load, \addr
.macro pref_store addr
__pref Pref_Store, \addr
.macro pref_load_streamed addr
__pref Pref_LoadStreamed, \addr
.macro pref_store_streamed addr
__pref Pref_StoreStreamed, \addr
.macro pref_load_retained addr
__pref Pref_LoadRetained, \addr
.macro pref_store_retained addr
__pref Pref_StoreRetained, \addr
.macro pref_wback_inv addr
__pref Pref_WriteBackInvalidate, \addr
.macro pref_prepare_for_store addr
__pref Pref_PrepareForStore, \addr
#endif /* __ASM_PREFETCH_H */