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#ifndef _X86_64_KEXEC_H
#define _X86_64_KEXEC_H
#include <linux/string.h>
#include <asm/page.h>
#include <asm/ptrace.h>
* KEXEC_SOURCE_MEMORY_LIMIT maximum page get_free_page can return.
* I.e. Maximum page that is mapped directly into kernel memory,
* and kmap is not required.
* So far x86_64 is limited to 40 physical address bits.
/* Maximum physical address we can use pages from */
/* Maximum address we can reach in physical address mode */
/* Maximum address we can use for the control pages */
/* Allocate one page for the pdp and the second for the code */
#define KEXEC_CONTROL_CODE_SIZE (4096UL + 4096UL)
/* The native architecture */
#define MAX_NOTE_BYTES 1024
* Saving the registers of the cpu on which panic occured in
* crash_kexec to save a valid sp. The registers of other cpus
* will be saved in machine_crash_shutdown while shooting down them.
static inline void crash_setup_regs(struct pt_regs *newregs,
struct pt_regs *oldregs)
if (oldregs)
memcpy(newregs, oldregs, sizeof(*newregs));
else {
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%rbx,%0" : "=m"(newregs->rbx));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%rcx,%0" : "=m"(newregs->rcx));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%rdx,%0" : "=m"(newregs->rdx));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%rsi,%0" : "=m"(newregs->rsi));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%rdi,%0" : "=m"(newregs->rdi));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%rbp,%0" : "=m"(newregs->rbp));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%rax,%0" : "=m"(newregs->rax));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%rsp,%0" : "=m"(newregs->rsp));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%r8,%0" : "=m"(newregs->r8));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%r9,%0" : "=m"(newregs->r9));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%r10,%0" : "=m"(newregs->r10));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%r11,%0" : "=m"(newregs->r11));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%r12,%0" : "=m"(newregs->r12));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%r13,%0" : "=m"(newregs->r13));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%r14,%0" : "=m"(newregs->r14));
__asm__ __volatile__("movq %%r15,%0" : "=m"(newregs->r15));
__asm__ __volatile__("movl %%ss, %%eax;" :"=a"(newregs->ss));
__asm__ __volatile__("movl %%cs, %%eax;" :"=a"(newregs->cs));
__asm__ __volatile__("pushfq; popq %0" :"=m"(newregs->eflags));
newregs->rip = (unsigned long)current_text_addr();
#endif /* _X86_64_KEXEC_H */