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/* Copyright 2004,2005 Pavel Machek <>, Andi Kleen <>, Rafael J. Wysocki <>
* Distribute under GPLv2.
* swsusp_arch_resume may not use any stack, nor any variable that is
* not "NoSave" during copying pages:
* Its rewriting one kernel image with another. What is stack in "old"
* image could very well be data page in "new" image, and overwriting
* your own stack under you is bad idea.
#include <linux/linkage.h>
#include <asm/segment.h>
#include <asm/page.h>
#include <asm/offset.h>
movq %rsp, saved_context_esp(%rip)
movq %rax, saved_context_eax(%rip)
movq %rbx, saved_context_ebx(%rip)
movq %rcx, saved_context_ecx(%rip)
movq %rdx, saved_context_edx(%rip)
movq %rbp, saved_context_ebp(%rip)
movq %rsi, saved_context_esi(%rip)
movq %rdi, saved_context_edi(%rip)
movq %r8, saved_context_r08(%rip)
movq %r9, saved_context_r09(%rip)
movq %r10, saved_context_r10(%rip)
movq %r11, saved_context_r11(%rip)
movq %r12, saved_context_r12(%rip)
movq %r13, saved_context_r13(%rip)
movq %r14, saved_context_r14(%rip)
movq %r15, saved_context_r15(%rip)
pushfq ; popq saved_context_eflags(%rip)
call swsusp_save
/* set up cr3 */
leaq init_level4_pgt(%rip),%rax
subq $__START_KERNEL_map,%rax
movq %rax,%cr3
movq mmu_cr4_features(%rip), %rax
movq %rax, %rdx
andq $~(1<<7), %rdx # PGE
movq %rdx, %cr4; # turn off PGE
movq %cr3, %rcx; # flush TLB
movq %rcx, %cr3;
movq %rax, %cr4; # turn PGE back on
movq pagedir_nosave(%rip), %rdx
testq %rdx, %rdx
jz done
/* get addresses from the pbe and copy the page */
movq pbe_address(%rdx), %rsi
movq pbe_orig_address(%rdx), %rdi
movq $512, %rcx
/* progress to the next pbe */
movq pbe_next(%rdx), %rdx
jmp loop
/* Flush TLB, including "global" things (vmalloc) */
movq mmu_cr4_features(%rip), %rax
movq %rax, %rdx
andq $~(1<<7), %rdx; # PGE
movq %rdx, %cr4; # turn off PGE
movq %cr3, %rcx; # flush TLB
movq %rcx, %cr3
movq %rax, %cr4; # turn PGE back on
movl $24, %eax
movl %eax, %ds
movq saved_context_esp(%rip), %rsp
movq saved_context_ebp(%rip), %rbp
/* Don't restore %rax, it must be 0 anyway */
movq saved_context_ebx(%rip), %rbx
movq saved_context_ecx(%rip), %rcx
movq saved_context_edx(%rip), %rdx
movq saved_context_esi(%rip), %rsi
movq saved_context_edi(%rip), %rdi
movq saved_context_r08(%rip), %r8
movq saved_context_r09(%rip), %r9
movq saved_context_r10(%rip), %r10
movq saved_context_r11(%rip), %r11
movq saved_context_r12(%rip), %r12
movq saved_context_r13(%rip), %r13
movq saved_context_r14(%rip), %r14
movq saved_context_r15(%rip), %r15
pushq saved_context_eflags(%rip) ; popfq
xorq %rax, %rax