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* Platform data definitions.
#ifndef __ASM_ARCH_BOARD_H
#define __ASM_ARCH_BOARD_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#define GPIO_PIN_NONE (-1)
/* Add basic devices: system manager, interrupt controller, portmuxes, etc. */
void at32_add_system_devices(void);
#define ATMEL_MAX_UART 4
extern struct platform_device *atmel_default_console_device;
struct atmel_uart_data {
short use_dma_tx; /* use transmit DMA? */
short use_dma_rx; /* use receive DMA? */
void __iomem *regs; /* virtual base address, if any */
void at32_map_usart(unsigned int hw_id, unsigned int line);
struct platform_device *at32_add_device_usart(unsigned int id);
struct eth_platform_data {
u32 phy_mask;
u8 is_rmii;
struct platform_device *
at32_add_device_eth(unsigned int id, struct eth_platform_data *data);
struct spi_board_info;
struct platform_device *
at32_add_device_spi(unsigned int id, struct spi_board_info *b, unsigned int n);
struct atmel_lcdfb_info;
struct platform_device *
at32_add_device_lcdc(unsigned int id, struct atmel_lcdfb_info *data,
unsigned long fbmem_start, unsigned long fbmem_len);
struct usba_platform_data;
struct platform_device *
at32_add_device_usba(unsigned int id, struct usba_platform_data *data);
struct ide_platform_data {
u8 cs;
struct platform_device *
at32_add_device_ide(unsigned int id, unsigned int extint,
struct ide_platform_data *data);
/* mask says which PWM channels to mux */
struct platform_device *at32_add_device_pwm(u32 mask);
/* depending on what's hooked up, not all SSC pins will be used */
#define ATMEL_SSC_TK 0x01
#define ATMEL_SSC_TF 0x02
#define ATMEL_SSC_TD 0x04
#define ATMEL_SSC_RK 0x10
#define ATMEL_SSC_RF 0x20
#define ATMEL_SSC_RD 0x40
struct platform_device *
at32_add_device_ssc(unsigned int id, unsigned int flags);
struct i2c_board_info;
struct platform_device *at32_add_device_twi(unsigned int id,
struct i2c_board_info *b,
unsigned int n);
struct platform_device *at32_add_device_mci(unsigned int id);
struct platform_device *at32_add_device_ac97c(unsigned int id);
struct platform_device *at32_add_device_abdac(unsigned int id);
struct cf_platform_data {
int detect_pin;
int reset_pin;
int vcc_pin;
int ready_pin;
u8 cs;
struct platform_device *
at32_add_device_cf(unsigned int id, unsigned int extint,
struct cf_platform_data *data);
#endif /* __ASM_ARCH_BOARD_H */