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* include/asm-ppc/mv64x60.h
* Prototypes, etc. for the Marvell/Galileo MV64x60 host bridge routines.
* Author: Mark A. Greer <>
* 2001-2002 (c) MontaVista, Software, Inc. This file is licensed under
* the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. This program
* is licensed "as is" without any warranty of any kind, whether express
* or implied.
#ifndef __ASMPPC_MV64x60_H
#define __ASMPPC_MV64x60_H
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/pci.h>
#include <linux/slab.h>
#include <asm/byteorder.h>
#include <asm/io.h>
#include <asm/irq.h>
#include <asm/uaccess.h>
#include <asm/machdep.h>
#include <asm/pci-bridge.h>
#include <asm/mv64x60_defs.h>
struct platform_device;
extern u8 mv64x60_pci_exclude_bridge;
extern spinlock_t mv64x60_lock;
/* 32-bit Window table entry defines */
#define MV64x60_CPU2MEM_0_WIN 0
#define MV64x60_CPU2MEM_1_WIN 1
#define MV64x60_CPU2MEM_2_WIN 2
#define MV64x60_CPU2MEM_3_WIN 3
#define MV64x60_CPU2DEV_0_WIN 4
#define MV64x60_CPU2DEV_1_WIN 5
#define MV64x60_CPU2DEV_2_WIN 6
#define MV64x60_CPU2DEV_3_WIN 7
#define MV64x60_CPU2BOOT_WIN 8
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI0_IO_WIN 9
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI0_MEM_0_WIN 10
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI0_MEM_1_WIN 11
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI0_MEM_2_WIN 12
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI0_MEM_3_WIN 13
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI1_IO_WIN 14
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI1_MEM_0_WIN 15
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI1_MEM_1_WIN 16
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI1_MEM_2_WIN 17
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI1_MEM_3_WIN 18
#define MV64x60_CPU2SRAM_WIN 19
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI0_IO_REMAP_WIN 20
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI1_IO_REMAP_WIN 21
#define MV64x60_CPU_PROT_0_WIN 22
#define MV64x60_CPU_PROT_1_WIN 23
#define MV64x60_CPU_PROT_2_WIN 24
#define MV64x60_CPU_PROT_3_WIN 25
#define MV64x60_CPU_SNOOP_0_WIN 26
#define MV64x60_CPU_SNOOP_1_WIN 27
#define MV64x60_CPU_SNOOP_2_WIN 28
#define MV64x60_CPU_SNOOP_3_WIN 29
#define MV64x60_PCI02MEM_REMAP_0_WIN 30
#define MV64x60_PCI02MEM_REMAP_1_WIN 31
#define MV64x60_PCI02MEM_REMAP_2_WIN 32
#define MV64x60_PCI02MEM_REMAP_3_WIN 33
#define MV64x60_PCI12MEM_REMAP_0_WIN 34
#define MV64x60_PCI12MEM_REMAP_1_WIN 35
#define MV64x60_PCI12MEM_REMAP_2_WIN 36
#define MV64x60_PCI12MEM_REMAP_3_WIN 37
#define MV64x60_ENET2MEM_0_WIN 38
#define MV64x60_ENET2MEM_1_WIN 39
#define MV64x60_ENET2MEM_2_WIN 40
#define MV64x60_ENET2MEM_3_WIN 41
#define MV64x60_ENET2MEM_4_WIN 42
#define MV64x60_ENET2MEM_5_WIN 43
#define MV64x60_MPSC2MEM_0_WIN 44
#define MV64x60_MPSC2MEM_1_WIN 45
#define MV64x60_MPSC2MEM_2_WIN 46
#define MV64x60_MPSC2MEM_3_WIN 47
#define MV64x60_IDMA2MEM_0_WIN 48
#define MV64x60_IDMA2MEM_1_WIN 49
#define MV64x60_IDMA2MEM_2_WIN 50
#define MV64x60_IDMA2MEM_3_WIN 51
#define MV64x60_IDMA2MEM_4_WIN 52
#define MV64x60_IDMA2MEM_5_WIN 53
#define MV64x60_IDMA2MEM_6_WIN 54
#define MV64x60_IDMA2MEM_7_WIN 55
#define MV64x60_32BIT_WIN_COUNT 56
/* 64-bit Window table entry defines */
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI0_MEM_0_REMAP_WIN 0
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI0_MEM_1_REMAP_WIN 1
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI0_MEM_2_REMAP_WIN 2
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI0_MEM_3_REMAP_WIN 3
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI1_MEM_0_REMAP_WIN 4
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI1_MEM_1_REMAP_WIN 5
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI1_MEM_2_REMAP_WIN 6
#define MV64x60_CPU2PCI1_MEM_3_REMAP_WIN 7
#define MV64x60_PCI02MEM_ACC_CNTL_0_WIN 8
#define MV64x60_PCI02MEM_ACC_CNTL_1_WIN 9
#define MV64x60_PCI02MEM_ACC_CNTL_2_WIN 10
#define MV64x60_PCI02MEM_ACC_CNTL_3_WIN 11
#define MV64x60_PCI12MEM_ACC_CNTL_0_WIN 12
#define MV64x60_PCI12MEM_ACC_CNTL_1_WIN 13
#define MV64x60_PCI12MEM_ACC_CNTL_2_WIN 14
#define MV64x60_PCI12MEM_ACC_CNTL_3_WIN 15
#define MV64x60_PCI02MEM_SNOOP_0_WIN 16
#define MV64x60_PCI02MEM_SNOOP_1_WIN 17
#define MV64x60_PCI02MEM_SNOOP_2_WIN 18
#define MV64x60_PCI02MEM_SNOOP_3_WIN 19
#define MV64x60_PCI12MEM_SNOOP_0_WIN 20
#define MV64x60_PCI12MEM_SNOOP_1_WIN 21
#define MV64x60_PCI12MEM_SNOOP_2_WIN 22
#define MV64x60_PCI12MEM_SNOOP_3_WIN 23
#define MV64x60_64BIT_WIN_COUNT 24
/* Watchdog Platform Device, Driver Data */
#define MV64x60_WDT_NAME "wdt"
struct mv64x60_wdt_pdata {
int timeout; /* watchdog expiry in seconds, default 10 */
int bus_clk; /* bus clock in MHz, default 133 */
* Define a structure that's used to pass in config information to the
* core routines.
struct mv64x60_pci_window {
u32 cpu_base;
u32 pci_base_hi;
u32 pci_base_lo;
u32 size;
u32 swap;
struct mv64x60_pci_info {
u8 enable_bus; /* allow access to this PCI bus? */
struct mv64x60_pci_window pci_io;
struct mv64x60_pci_window pci_mem[3];
u32 acc_cntl_options[MV64x60_CPU2MEM_WINDOWS];
u32 snoop_options[MV64x60_CPU2MEM_WINDOWS];
u16 pci_cmd_bits;
u16 latency_timer;
struct mv64x60_setup_info {
u32 phys_reg_base;
u32 window_preserve_mask_32_hi;
u32 window_preserve_mask_32_lo;
u32 window_preserve_mask_64;
u32 cpu_prot_options[MV64x60_CPU2MEM_WINDOWS];
u32 cpu_snoop_options[MV64x60_CPU2MEM_WINDOWS];
u32 enet_options[MV64x60_CPU2MEM_WINDOWS];
u32 mpsc_options[MV64x60_CPU2MEM_WINDOWS];
u32 idma_options[MV64x60_CPU2MEM_WINDOWS];
struct mv64x60_pci_info pci_0;
struct mv64x60_pci_info pci_1;
/* Define what the top bits in the extra member of a window entry means. */
#define MV64x60_EXTRA_INVALID 0x00000000
#define MV64x60_EXTRA_CPUWIN_ENAB 0x10000000
#define MV64x60_EXTRA_CPUPROT_ENAB 0x20000000
#define MV64x60_EXTRA_ENET_ENAB 0x30000000
#define MV64x60_EXTRA_MPSC_ENAB 0x40000000
#define MV64x60_EXTRA_IDMA_ENAB 0x50000000
#define MV64x60_EXTRA_PCIACC_ENAB 0x60000000
#define MV64x60_EXTRA_MASK 0xf0000000
* Define the 'handle' struct that will be passed between the 64x60 core
* code and the platform-specific code that will use it. The handle
* will contain pointers to chip-specific routines & information.
struct mv64x60_32bit_window {
u32 base_reg;
u32 size_reg;
u8 base_bits;
u8 size_bits;
u32 (*get_from_field)(u32 val, u32 num_bits);
u32 (*map_to_field)(u32 val, u32 num_bits);
u32 extra;
struct mv64x60_64bit_window {
u32 base_hi_reg;
u32 base_lo_reg;
u32 size_reg;
u8 base_lo_bits;
u8 size_bits;
u32 (*get_from_field)(u32 val, u32 num_bits);
u32 (*map_to_field)(u32 val, u32 num_bits);
u32 extra;
typedef struct mv64x60_handle mv64x60_handle_t;
struct mv64x60_chip_info {
u32 (*translate_size)(u32 base, u32 size, u32 num_bits);
u32 (*untranslate_size)(u32 base, u32 size, u32 num_bits);
void (*set_pci2mem_window)(struct pci_controller *hose, u32 bus,
u32 window, u32 base);
void (*set_pci2regs_window)(struct mv64x60_handle *bh,
struct pci_controller *hose, u32 bus, u32 base);
u32 (*is_enabled_32bit)(mv64x60_handle_t *bh, u32 window);
void (*enable_window_32bit)(mv64x60_handle_t *bh, u32 window);
void (*disable_window_32bit)(mv64x60_handle_t *bh, u32 window);
void (*enable_window_64bit)(mv64x60_handle_t *bh, u32 window);
void (*disable_window_64bit)(mv64x60_handle_t *bh, u32 window);
void (*disable_all_windows)(mv64x60_handle_t *bh,
struct mv64x60_setup_info *si);
void (*config_io2mem_windows)(mv64x60_handle_t *bh,
struct mv64x60_setup_info *si,
u32 mem_windows[MV64x60_CPU2MEM_WINDOWS][2]);
void (*set_mpsc2regs_window)(struct mv64x60_handle *bh, u32 base);
void (*chip_specific_init)(mv64x60_handle_t *bh,
struct mv64x60_setup_info *si);
struct mv64x60_32bit_window *window_tab_32bit;
struct mv64x60_64bit_window *window_tab_64bit;
struct mv64x60_handle {
u32 type; /* type of bridge */
u32 rev; /* revision of bridge */
void __iomem *v_base;/* virtual base addr of bridge regs */
phys_addr_t p_base; /* physical base addr of bridge regs */
u32 pci_mode_a; /* pci 0 mode: conventional pci, pci-x*/
u32 pci_mode_b; /* pci 1 mode: conventional pci, pci-x*/
u32 io_base_a; /* vaddr of pci 0's I/O space */
u32 io_base_b; /* vaddr of pci 1's I/O space */
struct pci_controller *hose_a;
struct pci_controller *hose_b;
struct mv64x60_chip_info *ci; /* chip/bridge-specific info */
/* Define I/O routines for accessing registers on the 64x60 bridge. */
extern inline void
mv64x60_write(struct mv64x60_handle *bh, u32 offset, u32 val) {
ulong flags;
spin_lock_irqsave(&mv64x60_lock, flags);
out_le32(bh->v_base + offset, val);
spin_unlock_irqrestore(&mv64x60_lock, flags);
extern inline u32
mv64x60_read(struct mv64x60_handle *bh, u32 offset) {
ulong flags;
u32 reg;
spin_lock_irqsave(&mv64x60_lock, flags);
reg = in_le32(bh->v_base + offset);
spin_unlock_irqrestore(&mv64x60_lock, flags);
return reg;
extern inline void
mv64x60_modify(struct mv64x60_handle *bh, u32 offs, u32 data, u32 mask)
u32 reg;
ulong flags;
spin_lock_irqsave(&mv64x60_lock, flags);
reg = in_le32(bh->v_base + offs) & (~mask);
reg |= data & mask;
out_le32(bh->v_base + offs, reg);
spin_unlock_irqrestore(&mv64x60_lock, flags);
#define mv64x60_set_bits(bh, offs, bits) mv64x60_modify(bh, offs, ~0, bits)
#define mv64x60_clr_bits(bh, offs, bits) mv64x60_modify(bh, offs, 0, bits)
#if defined(CONFIG_SYSFS) && !defined(CONFIG_GT64260)
#define MV64XXX_DEV_NAME "mv64xxx"
struct mv64xxx_pdata {
u32 hs_reg_valid;
/* Externally visible function prototypes */
int mv64x60_init(struct mv64x60_handle *bh, struct mv64x60_setup_info *si);
u32 mv64x60_get_mem_size(u32 bridge_base, u32 chip_type);
void mv64x60_early_init(struct mv64x60_handle *bh,
struct mv64x60_setup_info *si);
void mv64x60_alloc_hose(struct mv64x60_handle *bh, u32 cfg_addr,
u32 cfg_data, struct pci_controller **hose);
int mv64x60_get_type(struct mv64x60_handle *bh);
int mv64x60_setup_for_chip(struct mv64x60_handle *bh);
void __iomem *mv64x60_get_bridge_vbase(void);
u32 mv64x60_get_bridge_type(void);
u32 mv64x60_get_bridge_rev(void);
void mv64x60_get_mem_windows(struct mv64x60_handle *bh,
u32 mem_windows[MV64x60_CPU2MEM_WINDOWS][2]);
void mv64x60_config_cpu2mem_windows(struct mv64x60_handle *bh,
struct mv64x60_setup_info *si,
u32 mem_windows[MV64x60_CPU2MEM_WINDOWS][2]);
void mv64x60_config_cpu2pci_windows(struct mv64x60_handle *bh,
struct mv64x60_pci_info *pi, u32 bus);
void mv64x60_config_pci2mem_windows(struct mv64x60_handle *bh,
struct pci_controller *hose, struct mv64x60_pci_info *pi, u32 bus,
u32 mem_windows[MV64x60_CPU2MEM_WINDOWS][2]);
void mv64x60_config_resources(struct pci_controller *hose,
struct mv64x60_pci_info *pi, u32 io_base);
void mv64x60_config_pci_params(struct pci_controller *hose,
struct mv64x60_pci_info *pi);
void mv64x60_pd_fixup(struct mv64x60_handle *bh,
struct platform_device *pd_devs[], u32 entries);
void mv64x60_get_32bit_window(struct mv64x60_handle *bh, u32 window,
u32 *base, u32 *size);
void mv64x60_set_32bit_window(struct mv64x60_handle *bh, u32 window, u32 base,
u32 size, u32 other_bits);
void mv64x60_get_64bit_window(struct mv64x60_handle *bh, u32 window,
u32 *base_hi, u32 *base_lo, u32 *size);
void mv64x60_set_64bit_window(struct mv64x60_handle *bh, u32 window,
u32 base_hi, u32 base_lo, u32 size, u32 other_bits);
void mv64x60_set_bus(struct mv64x60_handle *bh, u32 bus, u32 child_bus);
int mv64x60_pci_exclude_device(u8 bus, u8 devfn);
void gt64260_init_irq(void);
int gt64260_get_irq(void);
void mv64360_init_irq(void);
int mv64360_get_irq(void);
u32 mv64x60_mask(u32 val, u32 num_bits);
u32 mv64x60_shift_left(u32 val, u32 num_bits);
u32 mv64x60_shift_right(u32 val, u32 num_bits);
u32 mv64x60_calc_mem_size(struct mv64x60_handle *bh,
u32 mem_windows[MV64x60_CPU2MEM_WINDOWS][2]);
void mv64x60_progress_init(u32 base);
void mv64x60_mpsc_progress(char *s, unsigned short hex);
extern struct mv64x60_32bit_window
extern struct mv64x60_64bit_window
extern struct mv64x60_32bit_window
extern struct mv64x60_64bit_window
#endif /* __ASMPPC_MV64x60_H */