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Thu Feb 14 2002 Andrew Morton <>
* dir_commit_chunk(): call writeout_one_page() as well as
waitfor_one_page() for IS_SYNC directories, so that we
actually do sync the directory. (forward-port from 2.4).
Thu Feb 7 2002 Alexander Viro <>
* super.c: switched to ->get_sb()
* ChangeLog: fixed dates ;-)
2002-01-24 David S. Miller <>
* inode.c: Include linux/init.h
Mon Jan 21 2002 Alexander Viro <>
* ialloc.c (sysv_new_inode): zero SYSV_I(inode)->i_data out.
* i_vnode renamed to vfs_inode. Sorry, but let's keep that
Sat Jan 19 2002 Christoph Hellwig <>
* include/linux/sysv_fs.h (SYSV_I): Get fs-private inode data using
list_entry() instead of inode->u.
* include/linux/sysv_fs_i.h: Add 'struct inode i_vnode' field to
sysv_inode_info structure.
* inode.c: Include <linux/slab.h>, implement alloc_inode/destroy_inode
sop methods, add infrastructure for per-fs inode slab cache.
* super.c (init_sysv_fs): Initialize inode cache, recover properly
in the case of failed register_filesystem for V7.
(exit_sysv_fs): Destroy inode cache.
Sat Jan 19 2002 Christoph Hellwig <>
* include/linux/sysv_fs.h: Include <linux/sysv_fs_i.h>, declare SYSV_I().
* dir.c (sysv_find_entry): Use SYSV_I() instead of ->u.sysv_i to
access fs-private inode data.
* ialloc.c (sysv_new_inode): Likewise.
* inode.c (sysv_read_inode): Likewise.
(sysv_update_inode): Likewise.
* itree.c (get_branch): Likewise.
(sysv_truncate): Likewise.
* symlink.c (sysv_readlink): Likewise.
(sysv_follow_link): Likewise.
Fri Jan 4 2002 Alexander Viro <>
* ialloc.c (sysv_free_inode): Use sb->s_id instead of bdevname().
* inode.c (sysv_read_inode): Likewise.
(sysv_update_inode): Likewise.
(sysv_sync_inode): Likewise.
* super.c (detect_sysv): Likewise.
(complete_read_super): Likewise.
(sysv_read_super): Likewise.
(v7_read_super): Likewise.
Sun Dec 30 2001 Manfred Spraul <>
* dir.c (dir_commit_chunk): Do not set dir->i_version.
(sysv_readdir): Likewise.
Thu Dec 27 2001 Alexander Viro <>
* itree.c (get_block): Use map_bh() to fill out bh_result.
Tue Dec 25 2001 Alexander Viro <>
* super.c (sysv_read_super): Use sb_set_blocksize() to set blocksize.
(v7_read_super): Likewise.
Tue Nov 27 2001 Alexander Viro <>
* itree.c (get_block): Change type for iblock argument to sector_t.
* super.c (sysv_read_super): Set s_blocksize early.
(v7_read_super): Likewise.
* balloc.c (sysv_new_block): Use sb_bread(). instead of bread().
(sysv_count_free_blocks): Likewise.
* ialloc.c (sysv_raw_inode): Likewise.
* itree.c (get_branch): Likewise.
(free_branches): Likewise.
* super.c (sysv_read_super): Likewise.
(v7_read_super): Likewise.
Sat Dec 15 2001 Christoph Hellwig <>
* inode.c (sysv_read_inode): Mark inode as bad in case of failure.
* super.c (complete_read_super): Check for bad root inode.
Wed Nov 21 2001 Andrew Morton <>
* file.c (sysv_sync_file): Call fsync_inode_data_buffers.
Fri Oct 26 2001 Christoph Hellwig <>
* dir.c, ialloc.c, namei.c, include/linux/sysv_fs_i.h:
Implement per-Inode lookup offset cache.
Modelled after Ted's ext2 patch.
Fri Oct 26 2001 Christoph Hellwig <>
* inode.c, super.c, include/linux/sysv_fs.h,
Remove symlink faking. Noone really wants to use these as
linux filesystems and native OSes don't support it anyway.