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* include/asm-ppc/open_pic.h -- OpenPIC Interrupt Handling
* Copyright (C) 1997 Geert Uytterhoeven
* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
* License. See the file COPYING in the main directory of this archive
* for more details.
#include <linux/irq.h>
#define OPENPIC_SIZE 0x40000
* Non-offset'ed vector numbers
#define OPENPIC_VEC_TIMER 110 /* and up */
#define OPENPIC_VEC_IPI 118 /* and up */
/* Priorities */
/* OpenPIC IRQ controller structure */
extern struct hw_interrupt_type open_pic;
/* OpenPIC IPI controller structure */
extern struct hw_interrupt_type open_pic_ipi;
#endif /* CONFIG_SMP */
extern u_int OpenPIC_NumInitSenses;
extern u_char *OpenPIC_InitSenses;
extern void __iomem * OpenPIC_Addr;
extern int epic_serial_mode;
/* Exported functions */
extern void openpic_set_sources(int first_irq, int num_irqs, void __iomem *isr);
extern void openpic_init(int linux_irq_offset);
extern void openpic_init_nmi_irq(u_int irq);
extern void openpic_set_irq_priority(u_int irq, u_int pri);
extern void openpic_hookup_cascade(u_int irq, char *name,
int (*cascade_fn)(void));
extern u_int openpic_irq(void);
extern void openpic_eoi(void);
extern void openpic_request_IPIs(void);
extern void do_openpic_setup_cpu(void);
extern int openpic_get_irq(void);
extern void openpic_reset_processor_phys(u_int cpumask);
extern void openpic_setup_ISU(int isu_num, unsigned long addr);
extern void openpic_cause_IPI(u_int ipi, cpumask_t cpumask);
extern void smp_openpic_message_pass(int target, int msg);
extern void openpic_set_k2_cascade(int irq);
extern void openpic_set_priority(u_int pri);
extern u_int openpic_get_priority(void);
extern inline int openpic_to_irq(int irq)
/* IRQ 0 usually means 'disabled'.. don't mess with it
* exceptions to this (sandpoint maybe?)
* shouldn't use openpic_to_irq
if (irq != 0){
return irq += NUM_8259_INTERRUPTS;
} else {
return 0;
/* Support for second openpic on G5 macs */
// FIXME: To be replaced by sane cascaded controller management */
#define OPENPIC2_VEC_TIMER 110 /* and up */
#define OPENPIC2_VEC_IPI 118 /* and up */
extern void* OpenPIC2_Addr;
/* Exported functions */
extern void openpic2_set_sources(int first_irq, int num_irqs, void *isr);
extern void openpic2_init(int linux_irq_offset);
extern void openpic2_init_nmi_irq(u_int irq);
extern u_int openpic2_irq(void);
extern void openpic2_eoi(void);
extern int openpic2_get_irq(void);
extern void openpic2_setup_ISU(int isu_num, unsigned long addr);
#endif /* _PPC_KERNEL_OPEN_PIC_H */