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* Definitions for talking to the Open Firmware PROM on
* Power Macintosh computers.
* Copyright (C) 1996 Paul Mackerras.
#ifdef __KERNEL__
#ifndef _PPC_PROM_H
#define _PPC_PROM_H
/* This is used in arch/ppc/mm/mem_pieces.h */
struct reg_property {
unsigned int address;
unsigned int size;
* These macros assist in performing the address calculations that we
* need to do to access data when the kernel is running at an address
* that is different from the address that the kernel is linked at.
* The reloc_offset() function returns the difference between these
* two addresses and the macros simplify the process of adding or
* subtracting this offset to/from pointer values.
extern unsigned long reloc_offset(void);
extern unsigned long add_reloc_offset(unsigned long);
extern unsigned long sub_reloc_offset(unsigned long);
#define PTRRELOC(x) ((typeof(x))add_reloc_offset((unsigned long)(x)))
#define PTRUNRELOC(x) ((typeof(x))sub_reloc_offset((unsigned long)(x)))
* Fallback definitions since we don't support OF in arch/ppc any more.
#define machine_is_compatible(x) 0
#define of_find_compatible_node(f, t, c) NULL
#define get_property(p, n, l) NULL
#endif /* _PPC_PROM_H */
#endif /* __KERNEL__ */