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* bootsect.S Copyright (C) 1991, 1992 Linus Torvalds
* modified by Drew Eckhardt
* modified by Bruce Evans (bde)
* modified by Chris Noe (May 1999) (as86 -> gas)
* gutted by H. Peter Anvin (Jan 2003)
* BIG FAT NOTE: We're in real mode using 64k segments. Therefore segment
* addresses must be multiplied by 16 to obtain their respective linear
* addresses. To avoid confusion, linear addresses are written using leading
* hex while segment addresses are written as segment:offset.
#include <asm/boot.h>
SETUPSECTS = 4 /* default nr of setup-sectors */
BOOTSEG = 0x07C0 /* original address of boot-sector */
INITSEG = DEF_INITSEG /* we move boot here - out of the way */
SETUPSEG = DEF_SETUPSEG /* setup starts here */
SYSSEG = DEF_SYSSEG /* system loaded at 0x10000 (65536) */
SYSSIZE = DEF_SYSSIZE /* system size: # of 16-byte clicks */
/* to be loaded */
ROOT_DEV = 0 /* ROOT_DEV is now written by "build" */
SWAP_DEV = 0 /* SWAP_DEV is now written by "build" */
#ifndef SVGA_MODE
#ifndef RAMDISK
#define RAMDISK 0
#define ROOT_RDONLY 1
.global _start
# Normalize the start address
jmpl $BOOTSEG, $start2
movw %cs, %ax
movw %ax, %ds
movw %ax, %es
movw %ax, %ss
movw $0x7c00, %sp
movw $bugger_off_msg, %si
andb %al, %al
jz die
movb $0xe, %ah
movw $7, %bx
int $0x10
jmp msg_loop
# Allow the user to press a key, then reboot
xorw %ax, %ax
int $0x16
int $0x19
# int 0x19 should never return. In case it does anyway,
# invoke the BIOS reset code...
ljmp $0xf000,$0xfff0
.ascii "Direct booting from floppy is no longer supported.\r\n"
.ascii "Please use a boot loader program instead.\r\n"
.ascii "\n"
.ascii "Remove disk and press any key to reboot . . .\r\n"
.byte 0
# Kernel attributes; used by setup
.org 497
setup_sects: .byte SETUPSECTS
root_flags: .word ROOT_RDONLY
syssize: .word SYSSIZE
swap_dev: .word SWAP_DEV
ram_size: .word RAMDISK
vid_mode: .word SVGA_MODE
root_dev: .word ROOT_DEV
boot_flag: .word 0xAA55