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* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
* License. See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
* for more details.
* Copyright (C) 1996, 98, 99, 2000, 01 Ralf Baechle
* Multi-arch abstraction and asm macros for easier reading:
* Copyright (C) 1996 David S. Miller (
* Carsten Langgaard,
* Copyright (C) 2000 MIPS Technologies, Inc.
* Copyright (C) 1999, 2001 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
#include <asm/asm.h>
#include <asm/errno.h>
#include <asm/fpregdef.h>
#include <asm/mipsregs.h>
#include <asm/asm-offsets.h>
#include <asm/regdef.h>
.macro EX insn, reg, src
.set push
.set nomacro
.ex\@: \insn \reg, \src
.set pop
.section __ex_table,"a"
PTR .ex\@, fault
.set noreorder
.set mips3
cfc1 t1, fcr31
#ifdef CONFIG_64BIT
/* Store the 16 odd double precision registers */
EX sdc1 $f1, SC_FPREGS+8(a0)
EX sdc1 $f3, SC_FPREGS+24(a0)
EX sdc1 $f5, SC_FPREGS+40(a0)
EX sdc1 $f7, SC_FPREGS+56(a0)
EX sdc1 $f9, SC_FPREGS+72(a0)
EX sdc1 $f11, SC_FPREGS+88(a0)
EX sdc1 $f13, SC_FPREGS+104(a0)
EX sdc1 $f15, SC_FPREGS+120(a0)
EX sdc1 $f17, SC_FPREGS+136(a0)
EX sdc1 $f19, SC_FPREGS+152(a0)
EX sdc1 $f21, SC_FPREGS+168(a0)
EX sdc1 $f23, SC_FPREGS+184(a0)
EX sdc1 $f25, SC_FPREGS+200(a0)
EX sdc1 $f27, SC_FPREGS+216(a0)
EX sdc1 $f29, SC_FPREGS+232(a0)
EX sdc1 $f31, SC_FPREGS+248(a0)
/* Store the 16 even double precision registers */
EX sdc1 $f0, SC_FPREGS+0(a0)
EX sdc1 $f2, SC_FPREGS+16(a0)
EX sdc1 $f4, SC_FPREGS+32(a0)
EX sdc1 $f6, SC_FPREGS+48(a0)
EX sdc1 $f8, SC_FPREGS+64(a0)
EX sdc1 $f10, SC_FPREGS+80(a0)
EX sdc1 $f12, SC_FPREGS+96(a0)
EX sdc1 $f14, SC_FPREGS+112(a0)
EX sdc1 $f16, SC_FPREGS+128(a0)
EX sdc1 $f18, SC_FPREGS+144(a0)
EX sdc1 $f20, SC_FPREGS+160(a0)
EX sdc1 $f22, SC_FPREGS+176(a0)
EX sdc1 $f24, SC_FPREGS+192(a0)
EX sdc1 $f26, SC_FPREGS+208(a0)
EX sdc1 $f28, SC_FPREGS+224(a0)
EX sdc1 $f30, SC_FPREGS+240(a0)
EX sw t1, SC_FPC_CSR(a0)
jr ra
li v0, 0 # success
/* Save 32-bit process floating point context */
cfc1 t1, fcr31
EX sdc1 $f0, SC32_FPREGS+0(a0)
EX sdc1 $f2, SC32_FPREGS+16(a0)
EX sdc1 $f4, SC32_FPREGS+32(a0)
EX sdc1 $f6, SC32_FPREGS+48(a0)
EX sdc1 $f8, SC32_FPREGS+64(a0)
EX sdc1 $f10, SC32_FPREGS+80(a0)
EX sdc1 $f12, SC32_FPREGS+96(a0)
EX sdc1 $f14, SC32_FPREGS+112(a0)
EX sdc1 $f16, SC32_FPREGS+128(a0)
EX sdc1 $f18, SC32_FPREGS+144(a0)
EX sdc1 $f20, SC32_FPREGS+160(a0)
EX sdc1 $f22, SC32_FPREGS+176(a0)
EX sdc1 $f24, SC32_FPREGS+192(a0)
EX sdc1 $f26, SC32_FPREGS+208(a0)
EX sdc1 $f28, SC32_FPREGS+224(a0)
EX sdc1 $f30, SC32_FPREGS+240(a0)
EX sw t1, SC32_FPC_CSR(a0)
cfc1 t0, $0 # implementation/version
EX sw t0, SC32_FPC_EIR(a0)
jr ra
li v0, 0 # success
* Restore FPU state:
* - fp gp registers
* - cp1 status/control register
EX lw t0, SC_FPC_CSR(a0)
/* Fail if the CSR has exceptions pending */
srl t1, t0, 5
and t1, t0
andi t1, 0x1f << 7
bnez t1, fault
#ifdef CONFIG_64BIT
EX ldc1 $f1, SC_FPREGS+8(a0)
EX ldc1 $f3, SC_FPREGS+24(a0)
EX ldc1 $f5, SC_FPREGS+40(a0)
EX ldc1 $f7, SC_FPREGS+56(a0)
EX ldc1 $f9, SC_FPREGS+72(a0)
EX ldc1 $f11, SC_FPREGS+88(a0)
EX ldc1 $f13, SC_FPREGS+104(a0)
EX ldc1 $f15, SC_FPREGS+120(a0)
EX ldc1 $f17, SC_FPREGS+136(a0)
EX ldc1 $f19, SC_FPREGS+152(a0)
EX ldc1 $f21, SC_FPREGS+168(a0)
EX ldc1 $f23, SC_FPREGS+184(a0)
EX ldc1 $f25, SC_FPREGS+200(a0)
EX ldc1 $f27, SC_FPREGS+216(a0)
EX ldc1 $f29, SC_FPREGS+232(a0)
EX ldc1 $f31, SC_FPREGS+248(a0)
EX ldc1 $f0, SC_FPREGS+0(a0)
EX ldc1 $f2, SC_FPREGS+16(a0)
EX ldc1 $f4, SC_FPREGS+32(a0)
EX ldc1 $f6, SC_FPREGS+48(a0)
EX ldc1 $f8, SC_FPREGS+64(a0)
EX ldc1 $f10, SC_FPREGS+80(a0)
EX ldc1 $f12, SC_FPREGS+96(a0)
EX ldc1 $f14, SC_FPREGS+112(a0)
EX ldc1 $f16, SC_FPREGS+128(a0)
EX ldc1 $f18, SC_FPREGS+144(a0)
EX ldc1 $f20, SC_FPREGS+160(a0)
EX ldc1 $f22, SC_FPREGS+176(a0)
EX ldc1 $f24, SC_FPREGS+192(a0)
EX ldc1 $f26, SC_FPREGS+208(a0)
EX ldc1 $f28, SC_FPREGS+224(a0)
EX ldc1 $f30, SC_FPREGS+240(a0)
ctc1 t0, fcr31
jr ra
li v0, 0 # success
/* Restore an o32 sigcontext. */
EX lw t0, SC32_FPC_CSR(a0)
/* Fail if the CSR has exceptions pending */
srl t1, t0, 5
and t1, t0
andi t1, 0x1f << 7
bnez t1, fault
EX ldc1 $f0, SC32_FPREGS+0(a0)
EX ldc1 $f2, SC32_FPREGS+16(a0)
EX ldc1 $f4, SC32_FPREGS+32(a0)
EX ldc1 $f6, SC32_FPREGS+48(a0)
EX ldc1 $f8, SC32_FPREGS+64(a0)
EX ldc1 $f10, SC32_FPREGS+80(a0)
EX ldc1 $f12, SC32_FPREGS+96(a0)
EX ldc1 $f14, SC32_FPREGS+112(a0)
EX ldc1 $f16, SC32_FPREGS+128(a0)
EX ldc1 $f18, SC32_FPREGS+144(a0)
EX ldc1 $f20, SC32_FPREGS+160(a0)
EX ldc1 $f22, SC32_FPREGS+176(a0)
EX ldc1 $f24, SC32_FPREGS+192(a0)
EX ldc1 $f26, SC32_FPREGS+208(a0)
EX ldc1 $f28, SC32_FPREGS+224(a0)
EX ldc1 $f30, SC32_FPREGS+240(a0)
ctc1 t0, fcr31
jr ra
li v0, 0 # success
.set reorder
.type fault@function
.ent fault
fault: li v0, -EFAULT # failure
jr ra
.end fault