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Qualcomm adreno/snapdragon GPU
Required properties:
- compatible: "qcom,adreno-XYZ.W", "qcom,adreno" or
"amd,imageon-XYZ.W", "amd,imageon"
for example: "qcom,adreno-306.0", "qcom,adreno"
Note that you need to list the less specific "qcom,adreno" (since this
is what the device is matched on), in addition to the more specific
with the chip-id.
If "amd,imageon" is used, there should be no top level msm device.
- reg: Physical base address and length of the controller's registers.
- interrupts: The interrupt signal from the gpu.
- clocks: device clocks (if applicable)
See ../clocks/clock-bindings.txt for details.
- clock-names: the following clocks are required by a3xx, a4xx and a5xx
* "core"
* "iface"
* "mem_iface"
For GMU attached devices the GPU clocks are not used and are not required. The
following devices should not list clocks:
- qcom,adreno-630.2
- iommus: optional phandle to an adreno iommu instance
- operating-points-v2: optional phandle to the OPP operating points
- interconnects: optional phandle to an interconnect provider. See
../interconnect/interconnect.txt for details. Some A3xx and all A4xx platforms
will have two paths; all others will have one path.
- interconnect-names: The names of the interconnect paths that correspond to the
interconnects property. Values must be gfx-mem and ocmem.
- qcom,gmu: For GMU attached devices a phandle to the GMU device that will
control the power for the GPU. Applicable targets:
- qcom,adreno-630.2
- zap-shader: For a5xx and a6xx devices this node contains a memory-region that
points to reserved memory to store the zap shader that can be used to help
bring the GPU out of secure mode.
- firmware-name: optional property of the 'zap-shader' node, listing the
relative path of the device specific zap firmware.
Example 3xx/4xx/a5xx:
/ {
gpu: qcom,kgsl-3d0@4300000 {
compatible = "qcom,adreno-320.2", "qcom,adreno";
reg = <0x04300000 0x20000>;
reg-names = "kgsl_3d0_reg_memory";
interrupts = <GIC_SPI 80 0>;
clock-names =
clocks =
<&mmcc GFX3D_CLK>,
<&mmcc GFX3D_AHB_CLK>,
Example a6xx (with GMU):
/ {
gpu@5000000 {
compatible = "qcom,adreno-630.2", "qcom,adreno";
#stream-id-cells = <16>;
reg = <0x5000000 0x40000>, <0x509e000 0x10>;
reg-names = "kgsl_3d0_reg_memory", "cx_mem";
* Look ma, no clocks! The GPU clocks and power are
* controlled entirely by the GMU
interrupts = <GIC_SPI 300 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
iommus = <&adreno_smmu 0>;
operating-points-v2 = <&gpu_opp_table>;
interconnects = <&rsc_hlos MASTER_GFX3D &rsc_hlos SLAVE_EBI1>;
interconnect-names = "gfx-mem";
qcom,gmu = <&gmu>;
zap-shader {
memory-region = <&zap_shader_region>;
firmware-name = "qcom/LENOVO/81JL/qcdxkmsuc850.mbn"