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* Copyright (C) Freescale Semicondutor, Inc. 2006. All rights reserved.
* Author: Shlomi Gridish <>
* Description:
* UCC GETH Driver -- PHY handling
* Changelog:
* Jun 28, 2006 Li Yang <>
* - Rearrange code and style fixes
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
* Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
* option) any later version.
#ifndef __UCC_GETH_PHY_H__
#define __UCC_GETH_PHY_H__
#define MII_end ((u32)-2)
#define MII_read ((u32)-1)
#define MIIMIND_BUSY 0x00000001
#define MIIMIND_NOTVALID 0x00000004
#define UGETH_AN_TIMEOUT 2000
/* 1000BT control (Marvell & BCM54xx at least) */
#define MII_1000BASETCONTROL 0x09
/* Cicada Extended Control Register 1 */
#define MII_CIS8201_EXT_CON1 0x17
#define MII_CIS8201_EXTCON1_INIT 0x0000
/* Cicada Interrupt Mask Register */
#define MII_CIS8201_IMASK 0x19
#define MII_CIS8201_IMASK_IEN 0x8000
#define MII_CIS8201_IMASK_SPEED 0x4000
#define MII_CIS8201_IMASK_LINK 0x2000
#define MII_CIS8201_IMASK_DUPLEX 0x1000
#define MII_CIS8201_IMASK_MASK 0xf000
/* Cicada Interrupt Status Register */
#define MII_CIS8201_ISTAT 0x1a
#define MII_CIS8201_ISTAT_STATUS 0x8000
#define MII_CIS8201_ISTAT_SPEED 0x4000
#define MII_CIS8201_ISTAT_LINK 0x2000
#define MII_CIS8201_ISTAT_DUPLEX 0x1000
/* Cicada Auxiliary Control/Status Register */
#define MII_CIS8201_AUX_CONSTAT 0x1c
#define MII_CIS8201_AUXCONSTAT_INIT 0x0004
#define MII_CIS8201_AUXCONSTAT_DUPLEX 0x0020
#define MII_CIS8201_AUXCONSTAT_SPEED 0x0018
#define MII_CIS8201_AUXCONSTAT_GBIT 0x0010
#define MII_CIS8201_AUXCONSTAT_100 0x0008
/* 88E1011 PHY Status Register */
#define MII_M1011_PHY_SPEC_STATUS 0x11
#define MII_M1011_PHY_SPEC_STATUS_1000 0x8000
#define MII_M1011_PHY_SPEC_STATUS_100 0x4000
#define MII_M1011_PHY_SPEC_STATUS_SPD_MASK 0xc000
#define MII_M1011_PHY_SPEC_STATUS_LINK 0x0400
#define MII_M1011_IEVENT 0x13
#define MII_M1011_IEVENT_CLEAR 0x0000
#define MII_M1011_IMASK 0x12
#define MII_M1011_IMASK_INIT 0x6400
#define MII_M1011_IMASK_CLEAR 0x0000
#define MII_DM9161_SCR 0x10
#define MII_DM9161_SCR_INIT 0x0610
/* DM9161 Specified Configuration and Status Register */
#define MII_DM9161_SCSR 0x11
#define MII_DM9161_SCSR_100F 0x8000
#define MII_DM9161_SCSR_100H 0x4000
#define MII_DM9161_SCSR_10F 0x2000
#define MII_DM9161_SCSR_10H 0x1000
/* DM9161 Interrupt Register */
#define MII_DM9161_INTR 0x15
#define MII_DM9161_INTR_PEND 0x8000
#define MII_DM9161_INTR_DPLX_MASK 0x0800
#define MII_DM9161_INTR_SPD_MASK 0x0400
#define MII_DM9161_INTR_LINK_MASK 0x0200
#define MII_DM9161_INTR_MASK 0x0100
#define MII_DM9161_INTR_DPLX_CHANGE 0x0010
#define MII_DM9161_INTR_SPD_CHANGE 0x0008
#define MII_DM9161_INTR_LINK_CHANGE 0x0004
#define MII_DM9161_INTR_INIT 0x0000
#define MII_DM9161_INTR_STOP \
/* DM9161 10BT Configuration/Status */
#define MII_DM9161_10BTCSR 0x12
#define MII_DM9161_10BTCSR_INIT 0x7800
#define MII_BASIC_FEATURES (SUPPORTED_10baseT_Half | \
SUPPORTED_10baseT_Full | \
SUPPORTED_100baseT_Half | \
SUPPORTED_100baseT_Full | \
SUPPORTED_Autoneg | \
SUPPORTED_1000baseT_Half | \
#define MII_READ_COMMAND 0x00000001
/* Taken from mii_if_info and sungem_phy.h */
struct ugeth_mii_info {
/* Information about the PHY type */
/* And management functions */
struct phy_info *phyinfo;
ucc_mii_mng_t *mii_regs;
/* forced speed & duplex (no autoneg)
* partner speed & duplex & pause (autoneg)
int speed;
int duplex;
int pause;
/* The most recently read link state */
int link;
/* Enabled Interrupts */
u32 interrupts;
u32 advertising;
int autoneg;
int mii_id;
/* private data pointer */
/* For use by PHYs to maintain extra state */
void *priv;
/* Provided by host chip */
struct net_device *dev;
/* A lock to ensure that only one thing can read/write
* the MDIO bus at a time */
spinlock_t mdio_lock;
/* Provided by ethernet driver */
int (*mdio_read) (struct net_device * dev, int mii_id, int reg);
void (*mdio_write) (struct net_device * dev, int mii_id, int reg,
int val);
/* struct phy_info: a structure which defines attributes for a PHY
* id will contain a number which represents the PHY. During
* startup, the driver will poll the PHY to find out what its
* UID--as defined by registers 2 and 3--is. The 32-bit result
* gotten from the PHY will be ANDed with phy_id_mask to
* discard any bits which may change based on revision numbers
* unimportant to functionality
* There are 6 commands which take a ugeth_mii_info structure.
* Each PHY must declare config_aneg, and read_status.
struct phy_info {
u32 phy_id;
char *name;
unsigned int phy_id_mask;
u32 features;
/* Called to initialize the PHY */
int (*init) (struct ugeth_mii_info * mii_info);
/* Called to suspend the PHY for power */
int (*suspend) (struct ugeth_mii_info * mii_info);
/* Reconfigures autonegotiation (or disables it) */
int (*config_aneg) (struct ugeth_mii_info * mii_info);
/* Determines the negotiated speed and duplex */
int (*read_status) (struct ugeth_mii_info * mii_info);
/* Clears any pending interrupts */
int (*ack_interrupt) (struct ugeth_mii_info * mii_info);
/* Enables or disables interrupts */
int (*config_intr) (struct ugeth_mii_info * mii_info);
/* Clears up any memory if needed */
void (*close) (struct ugeth_mii_info * mii_info);
struct phy_info *get_phy_info(struct ugeth_mii_info *mii_info);
void write_phy_reg(struct net_device *dev, int mii_id, int regnum, int value);
int read_phy_reg(struct net_device *dev, int mii_id, int regnum);
void mii_clear_phy_interrupt(struct ugeth_mii_info *mii_info);
void mii_configure_phy_interrupt(struct ugeth_mii_info *mii_info,
u32 interrupts);
struct dm9161_private {
struct timer_list timer;
int resetdone;
#endif /* __UCC_GETH_PHY_H__ */