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# Misc strange devices
menu "Misc devices"
config IBM_ASM
tristate "Device driver for IBM RSA service processor"
depends on X86 && PCI && EXPERIMENTAL
This option enables device driver support for in-band access to the
IBM RSA (Condor) service processor in eServer xSeries systems.
The ibmasm device driver allows user space application to access
ASM (Advanced Systems Management) functions on the service
processor. The driver is meant to be used in conjunction with
a user space API.
The ibmasm driver also enables the OS to use the UART on the
service processor board as a regular serial port. To make use of
this feature serial driver support (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250) must be
WARNING: This software may not be supported or function
correctly on your IBM server. Please consult the IBM ServerProven
website <> for
information on the specific driver level and support statement
for your IBM server.
If unsure, say N.