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* Atmel PDMIC driver under ALSA SoC architecture
Required properties:
- compatible
Should be "atmel,sama5d2-pdmic".
- reg
Should contain PDMIC registers location and length.
- interrupts
Should contain the IRQ line for the PDMIC.
- dmas
One DMA specifiers as described in atmel-dma.txt and dma.txt files.
- dma-names
Must be "rx".
- clock-names
Required elements:
- "pclk" peripheral clock
- "gclk" generated clock
- clocks
Must contain an entry for each required entry in clock-names.
Please refer to clock-bindings.txt.
- atmel,mic-min-freq
The minimal frequency that the micphone supports.
- atmel,mic-max-freq
The maximal frequency that the micphone supports.
Optional properties:
- pinctrl-names, pinctrl-0
Please refer to pinctrl-bindings.txt.
- atmel,model
The user-visible name of this sound card.
The default value is "PDMIC".
- atmel,mic-offset
The offset that should be added.
The range is from -32768 to 32767.
The default value is 0.
pdmic@f8018000 {
compatible = "atmel,sama5d2-pdmic";
reg = <0xf8018000 0x124>;
interrupts = <48 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH 7>;
dmas = <&dma0
| AT91_XDMAC_DT_PERID(50))>;
dma-names = "rx";
clocks = <&pdmic_clk>, <&pdmic_gclk>;
clock-names = "pclk", "gclk";
pinctrl-names = "default";
pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_pdmic_default>;
atmel,model = "PDMIC @ sama5d2_xplained";
atmel,mic-min-freq = <1000000>;
atmel,mic-max-freq = <3246000>;
atmel,mic-offset = <0x0>;