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Texas Instruments DaVinci McBSP module
This binding describes the "Multi-channel Buffered Serial Port" (McBSP)
audio interface found in some TI DaVinci processors like the OMAP-L138 or AM180x.
Required properties:
- compatible :
"ti,da850-mcbsp" : for DA850, AM180x and OPAM-L138 platforms
- reg : physical base address and length of the controller memory mapped
- reg-names : Should contain:
* "mpu" for the main registers (required).
* "dat" for the data FIFO (optional).
- dmas: three element list of DMA controller phandles, DMA request line and
TC channel ordered triplets.
- dma-names: identifier string for each DMA request line in the dmas property.
These strings correspond 1:1 with the ordered pairs in dmas. The dma
identifiers must be "rx" and "tx".
Optional properties:
- interrupts : Interrupt numbers for McBSP
- interrupt-names : Known interrupt names are "rx" and "tx"
- pinctrl-0: Should specify pin control group used for this controller.
- pinctrl-names: Should contain only one value - "default", for more details
please refer to pinctrl-bindings.txt
Example (AM1808):
mcbsp0: mcbsp@1d10000 {
compatible = "ti,da850-mcbsp";
pinctrl-names = "default";
pinctrl-0 = <&mcbsp0_pins>;
reg = <0x00110000 0x1000>,
<0x00310000 0x1000>;
reg-names = "mpu", "dat";
interrupts = <97 98>;
interrupt-names = "rx", "tx";
dmas = <&edma0 3 1
&edma0 2 1>;
dma-names = "tx", "rx";