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Maxim MAX98504 class D mono speaker amplifier
This device supports I2C control interface and an IRQ output signal. It features
a PCM and PDM digital audio interface (DAI) and a differential analog input.
Required properties:
- compatible : "maxim,max98504"
- reg : should contain the I2C slave device address
- DVDD-supply, DIOVDD-supply, PVDD-supply: power supplies for the device,
as covered in ../regulator/regulator.txt
- interrupts : should specify the interrupt line the device is connected to,
as described in ../interrupt-controller/interrupts.txt
Optional properties:
- maxim,brownout-threshold - the PVDD brownout threshold, the value must be
from 0, 1...21 range, corresponding to 2.6V, 2.65V...3.65V voltage range
- maxim,brownout-attenuation - the brownout attenuation to the speaker gain
applied during the "attack hold" and "timed hold" phase, the value must be
from 0...6 (dB) range
- maxim,brownout-attack-hold-ms - the brownout attack hold phase time in ms,
0...255 (VBATBROWN_ATTK_HOLD, register 0x0018)
- maxim,brownout-timed-hold-ms - the brownout timed hold phase time in ms,
0...255 (VBATBROWN_TIME_HOLD, register 0x0019)
- maxim,brownout-release-rate-ms - the brownout release phase step time in ms,
0...255 (VBATBROWN_RELEASE, register 0x001A)
The default value when the above properties are not specified is 0,
the maxim,brownout-threshold property must be specified to actually enable
the PVDD brownout protection.
max98504@31 {
compatible = "maxim,max98504";
reg = <0x31>;
interrupt-parent = <&gpio_bank_0>;
interrupts = <2 0>;
DVDD-supply = <&regulator>;
DIOVDD-supply = <&regulator>;
PVDD-supply = <&regulator>;