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msm8916 analog audio CODEC
Bindings for codec Analog IP which is integrated in pmic pm8916,
## Bindings for codec core on pmic:
Required properties
- compatible = "qcom,pm8916-wcd-analog-codec";
- reg: represents the slave base address provided to the peripheral.
- interrupts: List of interrupts in given SPMI peripheral.
- interrupt-names: Names specified to above list of interrupts in same
order. List of supported interrupt names are:
"cdc_spk_cnp_int" - Speaker click and pop interrupt.
"cdc_spk_clip_int" - Speaker clip interrupt.
"cdc_spk_ocp_int" - Speaker over current protect interrupt.
"mbhc_ins_rem_det1" - jack insert removal detect interrupt 1.
"mbhc_but_rel_det" - button release interrupt.
"mbhc_but_press_det" - button press event
"mbhc_ins_rem_det" - jack insert removal detect interrupt.
"mbhc_switch_int" - multi button headset interrupt.
"cdc_ear_ocp_int" - Earphone over current protect interrupt.
"cdc_hphr_ocp_int" - Headphone R over current protect interrupt.
"cdc_hphl_ocp_det" - Headphone L over current protect interrupt.
"cdc_ear_cnp_int" - earphone cnp interrupt.
"cdc_hphr_cnp_int" - hphr click and pop interrupt.
"cdc_hphl_cnp_int" - hphl click and pop interrupt.
- clocks: Handle to mclk.
- clock-names: should be "mclk"
- vdd-cdc-io-supply: phandle to VDD_CDC_IO regulator DT node.
- vdd-cdc-tx-rx-cx-supply: phandle to VDD_CDC_TX/RX/CX regulator DT node.
- vdd-micbias-supply: phandle of VDD_MICBIAS supply's regulator DT node.
Optional Properties:
- qcom,mbhc-vthreshold-low: Array of 5 threshold voltages in mV for 5 buttons
detection on headset when the mbhc is powered up
by internal current source, this is a low power.
- qcom,mbhc-vthreshold-high: Array of 5 thresold voltages in mV for 5 buttons
detection on headset when mbhc is powered up
from micbias.
- qcom,micbias-lvl: Voltage (mV) for Mic Bias
- qcom,hphl-jack-type-normally-open: boolean, present if hphl pin on jack is a
NO (Normally Open). If not specified, then
its assumed that hphl pin on jack is NC
(Normally Closed).
- qcom,gnd-jack-type-normally-open: boolean, present if gnd pin on jack is
NO (Normally Open). If not specified, then
its assumed that gnd pin on jack is NC
(Normally Closed).
- qcom,micbias1-ext-cap: boolean, present if micbias1 has external capacitor
- qcom,micbias2-ext-cap: boolean, present if micbias2 has external capacitor
spmi_bus {
compatible = "qcom,pm8916-wcd-analog-codec";
reg = <0xf000 0x200>;
reg-names = "pmic-codec-core";
clocks = <&gcc GCC_CODEC_DIGCODEC_CLK>;
clock-names = "mclk";
qcom,mbhc-vthreshold-low = <75 150 237 450 500>;
qcom,mbhc-vthreshold-high = <75 150 237 450 500>;
interrupt-parent = <&spmi_bus>;
interrupts = <0x1 0xf0 0x0 IRQ_TYPE_NONE>,
<0x1 0xf0 0x1 IRQ_TYPE_NONE>,
<0x1 0xf0 0x2 IRQ_TYPE_NONE>,
<0x1 0xf0 0x3 IRQ_TYPE_NONE>,
<0x1 0xf0 0x4 IRQ_TYPE_NONE>,
<0x1 0xf0 0x5 IRQ_TYPE_NONE>,
<0x1 0xf0 0x6 IRQ_TYPE_NONE>,
<0x1 0xf0 0x7 IRQ_TYPE_NONE>,
<0x1 0xf1 0x0 IRQ_TYPE_NONE>,
<0x1 0xf1 0x1 IRQ_TYPE_NONE>,
<0x1 0xf1 0x2 IRQ_TYPE_NONE>,
<0x1 0xf1 0x3 IRQ_TYPE_NONE>,
<0x1 0xf1 0x4 IRQ_TYPE_NONE>,
<0x1 0xf1 0x5 IRQ_TYPE_NONE>;
interrupt-names = "cdc_spk_cnp_int",
vdd-cdc-io-supply = <&pm8916_l5>;
vdd-cdc-tx-rx-cx-supply = <&pm8916_l5>;
vdd-micbias-supply = <&pm8916_l13>;
#sound-dai-cells = <1>;