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#ifndef _IEEE1394_CONFIG_ROMS_H
#define _IEEE1394_CONFIG_ROMS_H
#include "ieee1394_types.h"
#include "hosts.h"
/* The default host entry. This must succeed. */
int hpsb_default_host_entry(struct hpsb_host *host);
/* Initialize all config roms */
int hpsb_init_config_roms(void);
/* Cleanup all config roms */
void hpsb_cleanup_config_roms(void);
/* Add extra config roms to specified host */
int hpsb_add_extra_config_roms(struct hpsb_host *host);
/* Remove extra config roms from specified host */
void hpsb_remove_extra_config_roms(struct hpsb_host *host);
/* List of flags to check if a host contains a certain extra config rom
* entry. Available in the host->config_roms member. */
#define HPSB_CONFIG_ROM_ENTRY_IP1394 0x00000001
#endif /* _IEEE1394_CONFIG_ROMS_H */