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#ifndef MM_SLAB_H
#define MM_SLAB_H
* Internal slab definitions
* State of the slab allocator.
* This is used to describe the states of the allocator during bootup.
* Allocators use this to gradually bootstrap themselves. Most allocators
* have the problem that the structures used for managing slab caches are
* allocated from slab caches themselves.
enum slab_state {
DOWN, /* No slab functionality yet */
PARTIAL, /* SLUB: kmem_cache_node available */
PARTIAL_ARRAYCACHE, /* SLAB: kmalloc size for arraycache available */
PARTIAL_L3, /* SLAB: kmalloc size for l3 struct available */
UP, /* Slab caches usable but not all extras yet */
FULL /* Everything is working */
extern enum slab_state slab_state;
/* The slab cache mutex protects the management structures during changes */
extern struct mutex slab_mutex;
extern struct list_head slab_caches;
struct kmem_cache *__kmem_cache_create(const char *name, size_t size,
size_t align, unsigned long flags, void (*ctor)(void *));