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<book id="WANGuide">
<title>Synchronous PPP and Cisco HDLC Programming Guide</title>
<holder>Alan Cox</holder>
This documentation is free software; you can redistribute
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For more details see the file COPYING in the source
distribution of Linux.
<chapter id="intro">
The syncppp drivers in Linux provide a fairly complete
implementation of Cisco HDLC and a minimal implementation of
PPP. The longer term goal is to switch the PPP layer to the
generic PPP interface that is new in Linux 2.3.x. The API should
remain unchanged when this is done, but support will then be
available for IPX, compression and other PPP features
<chapter id="bugs">
<title>Known Bugs And Assumptions</title>
<varlistentry><term>PPP is minimal</term>
The current PPP implementation is very basic, although sufficient
for most wan usages.
<varlistentry><term>Cisco HDLC Quirks</term>
Currently we do not end all packets with the correct Cisco multicast
or unicast flags. Nothing appears to mind too much but this should
be corrected.
<chapter id="pubfunctions">
<title>Public Functions Provided</title>