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ChangeLog for the UTS Global 3270-support patch
Sep 2002: Get bootup colors right on 3270 console
* In tubttybld.c, substantially revise ESC processing so that
ESC sequences (especially coloring ones) and the strings
they affect work as right as 3270 can get them. Also, set
screen height to omit the two rows used for input area, in
tty3270_open() in tubtty.c.
Sep 2002: Dynamically get 3270 input buffer
* Oversize 3270 screen widths may exceed GEOM_MAXINPLEN columns,
so get input-area buffer dynamically when sizing the device in
tubmakemin() in tuball.c (if it's the console) or tty3270_open()
in tubtty.c (if needed). Change tubp->tty_input to be a
pointer rather than an array, in tubio.h.
Sep 2002: Fix tubfs kmalloc()s
* Do read and write lengths correctly in fs3270_read()
and fs3270_write(), whilst never asking kmalloc()
for more than 0x800 bytes. Affects tubfs.c and tubio.h.
Sep 2002: Recognize 3270 control unit type 3174
* Recognize control-unit type 0x3174 as well as 0x327?.
The IBM 2047 device emulates a 3174 control unit.
Modularize control-unit recognition in tuball.c by
adding and invoking new tub3270_is_ours().
Apr 2002: Fix 3270 console reboot loop
* (Belated log entry) Fixed reboot loop if 3270 console,
in tubtty.c:ttu3270_bh().
Feb 6, 2001:
* This changelog is new
* tub3270 now supports 3270 console:
Specify y for CONFIG_3270 and y for CONFIG_3270_CONSOLE.
Support for 3215 will not appear if 3270 console support
is chosen.
NOTE: The default is 3270 console support, NOT 3215.
* the components are remodularized: added source modules are
tubttybld.c and tubttyscl.c, for screen-building code and
scroll-timeout code.
* tub3270 source for this (2.4.0) version is #ifdeffed to
build with both 2.4.0 and
* color support and minimal other ESC-sequence support is added.