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/* Created by Tony Li <>
* Copyright (c) 2005 freescale semiconductor
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
* Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
* option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
* WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
* 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
typedef struct immr_clk {
u32 spmr; /* system PLL mode Register */
u32 occr; /* output clock control Register */
u32 sccr; /* system clock control Register */
u8 res0[0xF4];
} immr_clk_t;
* Sequencer
typedef struct immr_ios {
u32 potar0;
u8 res0[4];
u32 pobar0;
u8 res1[4];
u32 pocmr0;
u8 res2[4];
u32 potar1;
u8 res3[4];
u32 pobar1;
u8 res4[4];
u32 pocmr1;
u8 res5[4];
u32 potar2;
u8 res6[4];
u32 pobar2;
u8 res7[4];
u32 pocmr2;
u8 res8[4];
u32 potar3;
u8 res9[4];
u32 pobar3;
u8 res10[4];
u32 pocmr3;
u8 res11[4];
u32 potar4;
u8 res12[4];
u32 pobar4;
u8 res13[4];
u32 pocmr4;
u8 res14[4];
u32 potar5;
u8 res15[4];
u32 pobar5;
u8 res16[4];
u32 pocmr5;
u8 res17[4];
u8 res18[0x60];
u32 pmcr;
u8 res19[4];
u32 dtcr;
u8 res20[4];
} immr_ios_t;
#define POTAR_TA_MASK 0x000fffff
#define POBAR_BA_MASK 0x000fffff
#define POCMR_EN 0x80000000
#define POCMR_IO 0x40000000 /* 0--memory space 1--I/O space */
#define POCMR_SE 0x20000000 /* streaming enable */
#define POCMR_DST 0x10000000 /* 0--PCI1 1--PCI2 */
#define POCMR_CM_MASK 0x000fffff
* PCI Controller Control and Status Registers
typedef struct immr_pcictrl {
u32 esr;
u32 ecdr;
u32 eer;
u32 eatcr;
u32 eacr;
u32 eeacr;
u32 edlcr;
u32 edhcr;
u32 gcr;
u32 ecr;
u32 gsr;
u8 res0[12];
u32 pitar2;
u8 res1[4];
u32 pibar2;
u32 piebar2;
u32 piwar2;
u8 res2[4];
u32 pitar1;
u8 res3[4];
u32 pibar1;
u32 piebar1;
u32 piwar1;
u8 res4[4];
u32 pitar0;
u8 res5[4];
u32 pibar0;
u8 res6[4];
u32 piwar0;
u8 res7[132];
} immr_pcictrl_t;
#define PITAR_TA_MASK 0x000fffff
#define PIBAR_MASK 0xffffffff
#define PIEBAR_EBA_MASK 0x000fffff
#define PIWAR_EN 0x80000000
#define PIWAR_PF 0x20000000
#define PIWAR_RTT_MASK 0x000f0000
#define PIWAR_RTT_NO_SNOOP 0x00040000
#define PIWAR_RTT_SNOOP 0x00050000
#define PIWAR_WTT_MASK 0x0000f000
#define PIWAR_WTT_NO_SNOOP 0x00004000
#define PIWAR_WTT_SNOOP 0x00005000
#define PIWAR_IWS_MASK 0x0000003F
#define PIWAR_IWS_4K 0x0000000B
#define PIWAR_IWS_8K 0x0000000C
#define PIWAR_IWS_16K 0x0000000D
#define PIWAR_IWS_32K 0x0000000E
#define PIWAR_IWS_64K 0x0000000F
#define PIWAR_IWS_128K 0x00000010
#define PIWAR_IWS_256K 0x00000011
#define PIWAR_IWS_512K 0x00000012
#define PIWAR_IWS_1M 0x00000013
#define PIWAR_IWS_2M 0x00000014
#define PIWAR_IWS_4M 0x00000015
#define PIWAR_IWS_8M 0x00000016
#define PIWAR_IWS_16M 0x00000017
#define PIWAR_IWS_32M 0x00000018
#define PIWAR_IWS_64M 0x00000019
#define PIWAR_IWS_128M 0x0000001A
#define PIWAR_IWS_256M 0x0000001B
#define PIWAR_IWS_512M 0x0000001C
#define PIWAR_IWS_1G 0x0000001D
#define PIWAR_IWS_2G 0x0000001E
#endif /* __PPC_SYSLIB_PPC83XX_PCI_H */