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* Copyright (C) 2002 Jeff Dike (
* Licensed under the GPL
#ifndef __UM_SIGNAL_H
#define __UM_SIGNAL_H
/* Need to kill the do_signal() declaration in the i386 signal.h */
#define do_signal do_signal_renamed
#include "asm/arch/signal.h"
#undef do_signal
#undef ptrace_signal_deliver
#define ptrace_signal_deliver(regs, cookie) do {} while(0)
* Overrides for Emacs so that we follow Linus's tabbing style.
* Emacs will notice this stuff at the end of the file and automatically
* adjust the settings for this buffer only. This must remain at the end
* of the file.
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Local variables:
* c-file-style: "linux"
* End: