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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
AudioScience HPI driver
Copyright (C) 1997-2014 AudioScience Inc. <>
struct hpi_adapter_obj;
/* a function that takes an adapter obj and returns an int */
typedef int adapter_int_func(struct hpi_adapter_obj *pao, u32 message);
#define HPI_IRQ_NONE (0)
#define HPI_IRQ_MESSAGE (1)
#define HPI_IRQ_MIXER (2)
struct hpi_adapter_obj {
struct hpi_pci pci; /* PCI info - bus#,dev#,address etc */
u16 type; /* 0x6644 == ASI6644 etc */
u16 index;
struct hpios_spinlock dsp_lock;
u16 dsp_crashed;
u16 has_control_cache;
void *priv;
adapter_int_func *irq_query_and_clear;
struct hpi_hostbuffer_status *instream_host_buffer_status;
struct hpi_hostbuffer_status *outstream_host_buffer_status;
struct hpi_control_cache {
/** indicates whether the structures are initialized */
u16 init;
u16 adap_idx;
u32 control_count;
u32 cache_size_in_bytes;
/** pointer to allocated memory of lookup pointers. */
struct hpi_control_cache_info **p_info;
/** pointer to DSP's control cache. */
u8 *p_cache;
struct hpi_adapter_obj *hpi_find_adapter(u16 adapter_index);
u16 hpi_add_adapter(struct hpi_adapter_obj *pao);
void hpi_delete_adapter(struct hpi_adapter_obj *pao);
short hpi_check_control_cache(struct hpi_control_cache *pC,
struct hpi_message *phm, struct hpi_response *phr);
short hpi_check_control_cache_single(struct hpi_control_cache_single *pC,
struct hpi_message *phm, struct hpi_response *phr);
struct hpi_control_cache *hpi_alloc_control_cache(const u32
number_of_controls, const u32 size_in_bytes, u8 *pDSP_control_buffer);
void hpi_free_control_cache(struct hpi_control_cache *p_cache);
void hpi_cmn_control_cache_sync_to_msg(struct hpi_control_cache *pC,
struct hpi_message *phm, struct hpi_response *phr);
void hpi_cmn_control_cache_sync_to_msg_single(struct hpi_control_cache_single
*pC, struct hpi_message *phm, struct hpi_response *phr);
u16 hpi_validate_response(struct hpi_message *phm, struct hpi_response *phr);
hpi_handler_func HPI_COMMON;