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Kernel driver x1205
Supported chips:
* Xicor X1205 RTC
Prefix: 'x1205'
Addresses scanned: none
Karen Spearel <>,
Alessandro Zummo <>
This module aims to provide complete access to the Xicor X1205 RTC.
Recently Xicor has merged with Intersil, but the chip is
still sold under the Xicor brand.
This chip is located at address 0x6f and uses a 2-byte register addressing.
Two bytes need to be written to read a single register, while most
other chips just require one and take the second one as the data
to be written. To prevent corrupting unknown chips, the user must
explicitely set the probe parameter.
modprobe x1205 probe=0,0x6f
The module supports one more option, hctosys, which is used to set the
software clock from the x1205. On systems where the x1205 is the
only hardware rtc, this parameter could be used to achieve a correct
date/time earlier in the system boot sequence.
modprobe x1205 probe=0,0x6f hctosys=1