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README for WarpEngine/A4000T/A4091 SCSI kernels.
Use the following options to disable options in the SCSI driver.
Using amiboot for example.....
To disable Synchronous Negotiation....
amiboot -k kernel 53c7xx=nosync:0
To disable Disconnection....
amiboot -k kernel 53c7xx=nodisconnect:0
To disable certain SCSI devices...
amiboot -k kernel 53c7xx=validids:0x3F
this allows only device ID's 0,1,2,3,4 and 5 for linux to handle.
(this is a bitmasked field - i.e. each bit represents a SCSI ID)
These commands work on a per controller basis and use the option 'next' to
move to the next controller in the system.
amiboot -k kernel 53c7xx=nodisconnect:0,next,nosync:0
this uses No Disconnection on the first controller and Asynchronous
SCSI on the second controller.
Known Issues:
Two devices are known not to function with the default settings of using
synchronous SCSI. These are the Archive Viper 150 Tape Drive and the
SyQuest SQ555 removeable hard drive. When using these devices on a controller
use the 'nosync:0' option.
Please try these options and post any problems/successes to me.
Alan Hourihane <>