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struct sigscratch {
unsigned long scratch_unat; /* ar.unat for the general registers saved in pt */
unsigned long ar_pfs; /* for syscalls, the user-level function-state */
struct pt_regs pt;
struct sigframe {
* Place signal handler args where user-level unwinder can find them easily.
* DO NOT MOVE THESE. They are part of the IA-64 Linux ABI and there is
* user-level code that depends on their presence!
unsigned long arg0; /* signum */
unsigned long arg1; /* siginfo pointer */
unsigned long arg2; /* sigcontext pointer */
* End of architected state.
void __user *handler; /* pointer to the plabel of the signal handler */
struct siginfo info;
struct sigcontext sc;
extern long ia64_do_signal (sigset_t *, struct sigscratch *, long);