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* Copyright (C) 2000 Jeff Dike (
* Licensed under the GPL
#include "asm/unistd.h"
#include "sysdep/ptrace.h"
typedef long syscall_handler_t(struct pt_regs);
/* Not declared on x86, incompatible declarations on x86_64, so these have
* to go here rather than in sys_call_table.c
extern syscall_handler_t sys_rt_sigaction;
extern syscall_handler_t old_mmap_i386;
extern syscall_handler_t *sys_call_table[];
#define EXECUTE_SYSCALL(syscall, regs) \
((long (*)(struct syscall_args)) (*sys_call_table[syscall]))(SYSCALL_ARGS(&regs->regs))
extern long sys_mmap2(unsigned long addr, unsigned long len,
unsigned long prot, unsigned long flags,
unsigned long fd, unsigned long pgoff);