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AF_VSOCK test suite
These tests exercise net/vmw_vsock/ host<->guest sockets for VMware, KVM, and
The following tests are available:
* vsock_test - core AF_VSOCK socket functionality
* vsock_diag_test - vsock_diag.ko module for listing open sockets
The following prerequisite steps are not automated and must be performed prior
to running tests:
1. Build the kernel, make headers_install, and build these tests.
2. Install the kernel and tests on the host.
3. Install the kernel and tests inside the guest.
4. Boot the guest and ensure that the AF_VSOCK transport is enabled.
Invoke test binaries in both directions as follows:
# host=server, guest=client
(host)# $TEST_BINARY --mode=server \
--control-port=1234 \
(guest)# $TEST_BINARY --mode=client \
--control-host=$HOST_IP \
--control-port=1234 \
# host=client, guest=server
(guest)# $TEST_BINARY --mode=server \
--control-port=1234 \
(host)# $TEST_BINARY --mode=client \
--control-port=$GUEST_IP \
--control-port=1234 \